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Hi! Hmmm, lets see... well its stupid to say i like anime because we're at Anime planet. I love to read (mostly manga or fiction books), write(fiction stories), and learn(yes I realize im insane). If you haven't found out yet by my username, my favorite animals are wolves.

I'm Majoring in Zoology and planning on going into Vet school in the future.

Oh ya! and I am Russian! But I was 4 when I moved to the U.S.A, so I cant read or write it, just speak and understand it... all though, I am working on reading it.

My favorites change all the time, but for right now (yay for random information!):

A long time ago, my friends decided to come up with as many nicknames as possible for everyone in our group. Of what I remember, nicknames that my friends have given me:

If there are other things you think I should talk aobut on my profile, tell me~

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cronus7 Mar 26, 2014

Oyuki... The Ice Princess of Neptune. She was my favorite (besides Lum-chan... and Ataru)

I stick with bass and guitar most of the time, but I also play trombone, ukulele, banjo, harmonica, (a little) piano, and soon I plan to learn violin.

And Russia? I wouldn't know... I've held off watching Hetalia for a million years...

cronus7 Mar 26, 2014

*meant Four characters, not three.

cronus7 Mar 26, 2014

Those are a lot of traits...

Consumes my whole life. Every 5 thoughts in my head has something to do with music. When at home, I spend the vast majority of my time playing instruments.

Why not? Mech engineering is fun! ever since I was a little kid I loved small parts...

Hmmm... I dont know if I could come up with a character like that off the tip of my tongue...

What about a combination of three different characters mixed into one? Oyuki for the smartness and authority, Ran, for being sadistic, mean, and shy, Benten for being mean and authoritative, and Lum for kindness, clumsyness, and mean (kinda)

cronus7 Mar 25, 2014


Oww. That one hurt.

My profile actually used to be pretty decent.

Need to get around to updating it, but I guess I'm just too *busy

Well, if you'd actually like to know a bit about me, then here goes:

I'm not good at pulling Bio's outta thin air, I have a deep rooted obsession with music,

Once I get into college (preferably A&M) I will major in Mechanical Engineering, I have no major qualms with myself, and I wash behind my ears.

As a reference point for personality, Duo>Heero. oh wait... you don't like Mecha...


Urusei Yatsura>all other anime




Actual apple pie>Chicken pot pie.

Maison Ikkoku>Ranma.

*read lazy

cronus7 Mar 23, 2014

You're nickname is god-chan?!

Someone thinks highly of themselves.

I'm kidding.

Also random comment.

TAG! you're it.

(on a side note, Zoology is a pretty interesting field... one which I am confident to say I know virtually nothing about.)