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For I have a love of anime, I spend half my time watching or talking about it. 

As a young lad, I grew up watching anime from a very early age! From Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z, to Salior Moon. Those were the childhood memories that I associated with my past!  

Life on anime

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65 total

Life on manga

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What?! No manga ratings?

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1010rikku Dec 11, 2007

*walks in, looks around*

Shortlex!!! Where have you been?? We miss you at the forums!!

Kastrophee Nov 29, 2007

I was reading old posts (You know the one with the tuna....and wanking......)and I had a good laugh at a picture that was posted. (*Hides*)  Then I realised you hadn't posted in a while, well, the forum needs you!  (I think....heh)

OneiChan Sep 26, 2007

Hey! I will NOT allow this nonsense! Where is your custom signature??? I think it is 100% mandatory for you to have one of the new custom siggys. There is a new forum on the boards for requesting backgrounds if you dont want to make one yourself. Where have you been anyways? I haven't seen you around in a while... Still working?

PS. You should fix your bio sometime, because it says your name is ghost in the shell, hahah :D  

1010rikku Sep 7, 2007

...its not like we don't already chat enough in the forum, but I felt like coming by and saying hello!! and telling you what a fun poster you are ;)

Reawen Aug 31, 2007

You were on the "random user" feature... it was a "hey, I know you!" moment. So I thought I'd drop by. Although.... I have nothing to say. ^_^

Oh, except that you should work on putting in  your ratings! Out of all that watched/watching anime, you only have Naruto rated! Hahaha

See you around!