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cashed Dec 1, 2011

How have you been????

cashed Apr 10, 2008

No, torrents are ok in Canada. Downloading copyrighted material isn't, though. Fansubs are by nature infringements on copyrights, but as long as you don't go and try to rent, sell, stream or auction the anime it's really not high on the list of things that record and movie companies go after. And you aren't going to see any cops at your door for any time to come ;)

Naruto (and a few others):

Just an example, though.

wolfangel87 Apr 9, 2008

Thanks for the tip!  I will totally have to check out Hellsing!

cashed Apr 9, 2008

Well, usually you can get the subtitles on the dvd's, which can be rented pretty easily from NetFlix. If you can't get NetFlix where you are then I would suggest using torrents to download the fansubs. The only problem is that it is sometimes hard to find anime that's been licensed to the US or outside of Japan. *hard* but never *impossible* :)

 Personally I believe that for the most part the stories are better left alone. When they dub over the original anime, they tend to change the words around to make it "appear" more "american" or whatever, and if I wanted to watch "american" stuff then I could turn on the annoying 300+ cable channels of junk ;)

cashed Jan 25, 2008

I was wandering around the site and noticed your profile! I totally agree with you about dubs. It's not even like they try, which is the problem. They make it sound like they are reading from a book in front of a class or something. And most of the time they replace phrases, foods, customs, tons of stuff with whatever language they translate it to (usually english).