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Regular tv sucks. some anime sucks as well, but you CAN find a good series.

[edit] Due to having angelic post me a comment and after seeing HER profile i felt

i should add a tad bit more

I am... just a 19 year old guy with really nothing else to do. Little by little i found myself watching a bunch of anime, so i decided to take it a bit more seriously and watch it not just as a spectator, but as a person who enjoys good plots, animation, char developement, etc etc. I am currently a design student and i hope to one day be good enough to be able to design anything and everything. I think things over and over just so i can understand them but once i do, i never confuse them. And i help others when i can cause it makes me feel good.

I like... many things really. I like pink floyd, playin the guitar, sitting at home enjoying the fact that i neglect my school work, and to see how easy some people get angry over the most trivial things

I don't like... you.... just kiddin lol. i don't enjoy a great deal of people in my society, i don't like trends, fads or fashion. I detest people who think they are deep and even more when they don't even have at least a make believe reason as to why they are deep. But they all pale in comparison for my harted of people who hate mexicans... ironic huh? (psst i'm mexican btw)

So that's just about it. My mail should be around there so if you wish to contact me for any reason (even just to chat a while) i'm online at least once a day to check any mails.

Thanks for visiting my profile!

hahahahaha "very well made anime" i say that in nearly all my favorites. i fail kthnxbye

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tetra Sep 23, 2007

She is the bestest

tetra Sep 23, 2007

That is one cool sig. Samurai Champloo rocks

Lolo Sep 20, 2007

Where you been at?!?!?

sothis Sep 17, 2007

I've wanted to visit Mexico someday! You should let me know good places to visit :) I'm not really interested in the beach tourist trap places though :p

Dizeth Sep 13, 2007

I know this is a VERY delayed response, but yeah, I also chose Hugo when I played Suikoden III. He just seems right. I guess I'm a little old-fashioned too. I liked Chris a lot too, though, so I thought about making her the Champion, but it just didn't feel right to give her anything except Water magic. Same with Geddoe. It didn't feel right to give him anything but Lightning.

Besides, they kinda drop you hints that Chris or Geddoe are the wrong choices, if you do choose them.