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Feb 17, 2013

To start off, the story is like moldy swiss cheese, it's full of plot holes, and overall, it's nonsensical. To be quite frank, it's your typical 'holy crap, aliens are here, we need superpowered something somethings to save the world from total annhilation!' Sadly, those something somethings happened to be girls with special powers. Sometimes, that works, but after seeing it for millions of times, and seeing it as badly executed as this, I honestly, can not really tolerate this show's story. It's a guilty pleasure, that's all.

The animation on the other hand, is pretty good. It's nothing special, but what turned me off is the fact that, uhm, womens breasts keep getting exposed in combat. I understand it's an action ecchi, but I believe there's a time for fan service, and a time for action. Heaven's Lost Property, actually nailed that, although it was markedly more perverted than Freezing.

The sound, all in all, is average, nothing special, but it is good. That's it. However when one of the "Novas" started to sound like an out of key choir, I I sorta cringed...

The characters, are actually interesting, they're well developed - however, I still can't figure out why the 'third years' are such slave drivers... Sometimes their cruelty (which was actually acknowledged) went beyond the humane barrier. (Not to say that 'certain' kinds of cruelty is humane, but why on earth would anyone strip someone just to humilate them... seriously...) (well not all of them.)

Overall, it's a really average show, it doesn't cut it at times, it was enjoyable, yes. I did get enjoyment out of it, but it was spoiled so much by a crappy story and fanservice only a sadist would enjoy. The characters saved this one, or wait, they didn't, they gave it a redeeming value.


Pretty below the standard for me.

4.5/10 story
7/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
5/10 overall
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