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sothis May 2, 2010

Hi, could you please read my first message below? I notice you are still submitting characters with info cut/pasted from other databases. We are unable to put up any of that information so it'll just be using up moderators' time (also, we still need th einformation Kari mentioned as well) - check out the linked guidelines for more info, thanks ^^

Kari5 May 2, 2010

To expand on what Sothis said, you missed a very important field when submitting your characters. Just above the "main anime" and "main manga" fields on the forms, there is a section that says "add new anime" and "add new manga". These fields tell us if the character is major/secondary/or a minor character (which is needed to add the character).

You can find your submissions here: if you could explain which are minor/secondary/major, it would help a lot ^-^

If you have any questions, just send me a message.

sothis May 2, 2010

Hi shinki, welcome to the site, and thanks for submitting characters! :)

We unfortunately can't use descriptions that are from other sites (or images), but I'll be able to add the basic information for the ones you're submitting at least. If you want to try your hand at writing a description or taking images, check out the guidelines here:

thanks! ^_^