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animeforever817 Mar 28, 2011

hey whats up! Just found you because of the random user thing. (That doesn't seem wierd at all) But anyway awesome favorite animes

DarkEmerl123 Mar 27, 2011

Hi there! It's nice to meet you! That made me sound like a stalker. XD

I like the picture in your profile! It's awesome. I'm no good at making stuff like that ^^"

You like Code Geass too? I love Code Geass. Anya, C.C. and Kallen are my favourites! ^^

Tyranid5 Jan 20, 2011

Also by the old site I mean, not :P

Archaeon Jan 20, 2011

Yes. I tend to get around when no one's looking :P

Tyranid5 Jan 19, 2011

Yeah I know what you mean. I'm not sure if my message on MAL went through (nvm it did check admin club). But i explained a lot there, i found guidelines for tags, that's a start.

Plus on MAL that's why there are different clubs that have the purpose of going around and adding quality to entries. I think there was like writer's club and finder's club.