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Hello out there

My name is Shehan but most people call me R.J, 24 yeas old and I live in Canada (Mississauga, Toronto). I’d say I’m recent addition to the world of anime, though I started around 6 years ago. I rarely watched anime except for the famous ones those days but i did get the longer ones watched like Dragon Ball saga and Yuyu Haksho. Picked up the pace on my final years of high school and significant increase in university, Why? Because it’s a great way to keep you distracted from sleep on those long nights, and on a lesser note.... keeps you distracted from studying :)

Currently at my final year at the University of Toronto, Doing a specialist in Software engineering, and enjoying it.

I haven’t really gotten into watching the older anime but I think I covered the good ones so far, if I missed any, let me know.

L8r dayz...

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shehan Apr 22, 2009

thanks for the comment ^.^


Dont get me wrong, having romance in the side only adds to the depth of the story, but i cant stand those love triangle / polygon [emo] stories, they all follow the same plot.

boy likes girl, girl dosent know, girls friend likes boy and helps boy to get girl while finding away to tell lthe boy that she likes him as well ......

[outcome one] - boy falls for a different girl -.-"

[outcome two] - boy confesses to the girl, she accepts leaving the friend in a hopeless monologue, which eventually lead to dipression -.-"

[outcome 3] - evry one dies in a cosmic catastrophy -.-"

xXYoruichiXx Jan 21, 2008

I saw you on the random user page, so I thought I'd stop by and say hi! :)

Great top 5, btw! Nodame Cantabile is one of my favorites too. ^_^