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Live in Texas going to school working towards my PhD in Bio-Mechanical Engineering. I'm always up for anime requests cause i'm constantly bored so suggestions are very much appreciated here :P

I love reading manga while waiting on new episodes to be released

Halo Fan as well

-Any genre of music is good for me except the detested hair metal and those country music crackheads

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sukebebakayaroutora Jul 1, 2008

hi there, nice list u have going there. btw i took a look at ur "want to watch" list, there are some really good ones on there, dont miss out on them b4 they get hard to find ^_~

wickedshizuku Feb 20, 2008

hey there, 

you seem to be a really interesting character. Check out my page.  While DBZ isn't in my top 5, it's in my top 10.

Take care,

wicked shizuku 

skye456 Dec 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!!~ Hope many miracles find you this year! Nya~

wolfangel87 Dec 12, 2007

Wow!  A game artist!!!!  That is really cool! 

I used to play WoW a lot but college and anime watching just seemed to not leave me enough time sadly :( 

skye456 Dec 7, 2007

I am trying to balance out a few things. Like schoolwork, attempting to do other homework ((Which includes my friend continously telling me I have to watch shows, plus somehow I got appointed as the school yaoi library, and I managed to corrupt 8 people ((And I'm still going)) so far, and now they're all obbsessed and keep asking me for more books. It's funny because like half of those 8 are guys ^_^. My life never ceases to have entertainment. Wow...That was a reeeeeally long comment....Any.....ways...Seen any shows worth watching again??