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Student. I live at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I started watching anime a few 3 or 2 years ago as a hobby lulz, now it is what I mostly do in the day =]

And remember little kids, watching Yuri Anime is good for health ^^b!

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Kivan Oct 16, 2007

I second everything Reawen said :)

I'd have a want to watch list that big if I wasn't too lazy to put almost every anime in the database on it :) 

And the sig really rocks :)

Reawen Oct 16, 2007

Wow, and I thought my 'want to watch' list was big... @_@  Between that and your impressively large 'watching' list, you'll be busy for awhile! I'll be curious to see what your top 5 is when you get a chance to fill it in!

Oh, and I second sothis that your signature rocks ^_^ 

sothis Oct 16, 2007

Shana, your signature is GORGEOUS. If you are ever bored and want to help out a lot of people, you might consider making some fun BGs for people to use in their sigs. We have a forum section dedicated to it -- unfortunately for the tim,e being you'd have to create a separate account in the forum -- but still, that would rule!

And of course, welcome! :D