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Denpa Teki na Kanojo


I have just finished the first episode of Denpa Teki na Kanojo, an AMAZING 2 episode OVA

I Just finished the 2nd and final episode of Denpa.

and i must say that it was SO F**KING AWESOME that just over halfway through the first episode it had gained a spot in my top 10 list alongside animes like clannad, kannon ,CGR2, GTO, Angel Beats & Amagami ss.

i can now officially say that it is tied alongside the key animes, gto & the Higurashi series's, somewhere in the top 3 best animes i have ever watched

It's hard to explain why exactly but this anime is just one of those UNIQUE GEMS that are just different and EPIC like Soul eater, Durarara, Fairy Tail, GTO etc.

A better way to describe how this anime feels is a blend of the strong drama present in a key anime that evokes (ANY) viewers emotions, along with the intense pyschological mystery and the "Oh sh*t, I didn't expect that" moments of Higurashi as well as the fast paced dramatic action and well thought out plot of Durarara

I'm hoping that anyone who reads this feels the same indescribable way i do now.

Both of the episodes of denpa can be watched individualy without spoiling anything but it IS better to watch them in order as you miss charactor development

The Below clip is a pv ((contains no spoilers) (even though it looks like it does))



let me know if any of you decide to watch ths anime based on this post and if so, did you enjoy it as much as me, if you did or even if you didn't please leave me a comment and tell me why.


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annoydestroy avatar annoydestroy


Dec 24, 2011

If I could recomend anything to you, it would be to read the manga Gantz.  Its violent, bloody and sometimes random... But you survived Elfen Lied Right?

HihioZabimaru avatar HihioZabimaru


Oct 9, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

MikiahLaw avatar MikiahLaw


Apr 6, 2011

Update your page ding bat.

default avatar taigadaisuki


Mar 12, 2011

add me this is my new account

xxSilencexx avatar xxSilencexx


Jan 31, 2011

Yeah I'll watch it


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