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Steins;Gate Special

Feb 26, 2012

Steins;Gate: Oukoubakko no Poriomania is simply put as an ending most of us Steins;Gate fans wanted to see.


From Left to Right: Ruka, Kurisu, Mayuri, Moeka, Feris, Suzuhu, Daru, and Okabe

After the end of the original series most of us were left with a yearning for something more because there was an empty void that had yet to be filled. Nevertheless, Oukoubakko no Poriomani addresses this issue admirably, and ties up most of the very small loose ends that Steins;Gate left behind between the two main characters. The storyline of the OVA starts almost directly after where the main series ended. So if anyone new is watching this I highly suggest not to because you will spoil the anime series itself. Since Oukobakko no Poriomani relies solely on the storyline of the Steins;Gate we end up getting a true sequel. That’s right. Where many OVAs fail to add any significant substance to the series it was born from this OVA succeeds in more ways than one and gives us a true ending to Steins;Gate. (Side Note: In the Steins;Gate VN , there are multiple endings and this is one of them.)

Some small details about the story are that it mainly follows around Okabe and Kurisu, as said before. Kurisu still retains some of the foggy “memories” from all the time line skips that Okabe did. Remember in Steins;Gate this was prevalent among all of the lab members’ memories. She can’t get them out her head and only wants to know if they were a dream or were they real. There’s also a minor detail about Suzuha in it as well. This is what the OVA uses as its main premise.


I liked that the OVA gave Steins;Gate a true ending. I also liked how they kept all the elements that made Steins;Gate immensely popular and a successful series. This OVA fits right in with the rest of the show without any plot holes, or any speculation on what happened in between Oukoubako no Poriomani and Steins;Gate. The fact remains that the story telling and flow is as great as ever


The artwork remains largely unchanged. However, this time brighter colors were added to fit the mood that Oukoubakko no Poriomani was setting. This translates to the OVA having a much more warm feeling than a grim one. Animation is too largely unchanged and is as fluid as Steins;Gate was.

Showcasing the brighter colors used in the ova

Showcasing the artwork, and colors used in the OVA


The Voice Actors sound exactly the same as they did in the series, and the music used accompanied the warm and funny mood very well. Additionally, just like its predecessor it too doesn’t have a lot of music to go along with the show. Again, it isn’t a bad thing because we see that the characters VA feel that gap left, and keep us interested without the use of many OSTs. The is no opening theme, and the ending theme is none other than Hacking to the Gate by Itou Kanako which brings back a moment to reminiscence.


Once again we see that the characters are spectacular. Most of them remain strikingly similar to what they were like in Steins;Gate. We do see that the character development that Okabe and Kurisu had undergone is carried over into the OVA. Okabe retains much of his original personality. He still is a mad scientist, but now he truly appreciates the life he has now and isn’t as “high and mighty”. Kurisu too acts almost like the way she did in the previous installment, but now she is much less straightforward and way shyer, as like she acted a bit toward the end of Steins:Gate.

Other characters that show up are Super Hacka Daru with his dirty jokes, Mayuri with her cuteness, Feris Nyan Nyan with her cat status, Ruka with his reluctant demeanor, Moeka with her texting and the Shop keepers Yuugo, and Nae. Suzuha is one character that doesn’t show up which is to be excepted, but she is mentioned towards the end of the OVA.

Each character is given a moment to shine, but still most of the attention given remains on Okabe. The attention giving to him is again great and doesn’t take away from the storyline or other characters.

Sooooo Cuuuuteee ^______^


Steins;Gate: Oukoubakko no Poriomania primarily focuses on using awkward, comecial, and romancing scenes to keep the audience interested instead of being an all-rounder like its predecessor. It worked just too great is a phrase I would use. I found that it wasn’t boring, and when it was over I was satisfied at what I watched. The comical scenes alone makes this a must watch for those who have already seen the series, since some of the jokes that were used before return. As I said in my previous review for the series “I really enjoyed how natural everything feels especially in the Comedy department.”It's SO COOOOLLLL" =)”

Overall I would say that Steins;Gate: Oukoubakko no Poriomania sets a great ending to an already great anime. It was well done, and it added again some more substance to the series. If a viewer has seen Steins;Gate and enjoyed it than this OVA is must for any fan to see. Until next time .

A Fated Meeting Once Again....

“El Psy Congroo”

9.4/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
8.9/10 overall

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Nlwino says...


Although I do wonder if it deserves the current 8e spot in the anime list. Steins gate earns it's spot and this OVA was everything this review said. But still 8e spot for a OVA that isn't really "needed" for the main story line, seems a bit high. 

Jun 18, 2012
Outy says...

Good review

Apr 13, 2012