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Dec 29, 2011

Blood-C may just be the biggest troll series of the year. Its rick rolling nature just gives the viewers a very confused attitude. Is this anime worth it? Let's find out.


The storyline is just a complete arbitrary mess. Episodes 1 through 10 mean absolutely nothing. They just serve as test values in a system to see what’s going to happen. These episodes are really all just a ruse for the main character, Saya Kisaragi, to see if she will keep her kindness or revert back to her former self, a brutal killing vampire. So with that in mind this slice of super fake life comes off as very boring and predictable. I don’t think the writers realized that in a 12 episode anime having over 80% of it being a fake plot was not a great way to handle it. This also unfortunately made everything feel very random and choppy so nothing flowed together. Another bad part is that the viewer can just skip to the final two episodes, and understand exactly what’s going on, which leads to debate the problem of how shallow the storyline is.

Saya Kisaragi- So dense that she couldn't even figure out ...... well anything

The concept however was interesting with testing the strong will of someone to see how much they could take. But still the concept is not enough to save Blood-C from its own fake world of delusion.


The art style in this anime is just abysmal. Once again we see censorship going hey wire and causing a lot of problems. What’s the point of anime being rated R - 17+ when you can’t show the very great parts. Another problem I find is that they showed some people getting cut to shreds, and some monster’s brains being splatter, but really nothing else. Blood- C is very inconsistent in what is showed, and it becomes an annoyance. The viewer really gets cheated in a sense that they are supposed to be watching a blood and gory filled anime, but only get blurred or covered up scenes. Sure the Blu-Ray is going to fix it but it is still not all that great. The blood in this anime seemed so fake because it would just spray out like a water fountain too. The characters themselves are average, but it seems that many of them just seemed to have very bland and weak colors and texture. We still have our standard monsters, and some funny ones like killer bunnies, but the animation is sub-par at best.

Yes the gore is here but it just looks too fake.

Some of the fight scenes where Choreographed well, but Some weren't either ....

Unfortunaly, probably 90% of people are going to watch or have watched the tv cut version and you will be greeted in each episodes with sites like this, or white and black bars going across the scene. Yes I know cenorship is neccessay but they could have made it much less conspicuous


The sound is also sub-par. The opening theme Spiral is really average, and the ending theme Junketsu Paradox is honestly really boring. The OSTs in this anime are all pretty much the same (there's probably only 5 at the most). One in particularly will drive the viewer insane since it is repeated in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! The fighting sounds such as sword clashing, yelling, and gun firing is also just average. There have been worst sounding anime, but this one is still just a little below average.


Now we meet the accomplice to the horrible storyline the characters. Almost every character is meant to die, and before the first episode is complete the characters act like they know it.

The interactions between them and Saya are just horrible, and are as fake as the storyline. There isn’t any emotion, except the fear shown just before they get killed. We get these very awkward moments where when Saya says something, and every other character would just wait about 10 seconds then speak. This made conversations with her very drawn out.

So Father how long can you keep up this staring contest. Tadayoshi ............. man you're stupid.

Saya herself is one of the worst heroes of all time. “I will protect them” is her slogan, but nope she doesn’t save a single soul. Also she too is a victim of the awkwardness a foot. When Saya encounters a monster she sits there and ponders on what to do, even when people’s lives are at stake. It’s like she’s brain dead to the fact that blood is being thrown in every direction, people are being devoured brutally, and people are dying. Her slogan should be “I will protect only myself, and watch others die as I “pretend” to save them”.

Saya: I'm going to save this useless character from certain death!!! =7 *troll face*

With that said none of the characters develop either, not even Saya because they all stay the same throughout the series. This is a real shame when your viewers are aware of the senseless the characters are feeling.


The only thing really enjoyable are some of the fighting scenes, but even those become over used and exaggerated. The choreography and style used is pretty good, and if you like blood flowing (when done right), decapitation, and looking at horrible ways to die then this could be enjoyable for these types of viewer. Otherwise the experience will just be very mind boggling and annoying.

Even though Blood-C had a great concept the overall experience is dismal. A storyline full of doubt and plot holes was just a start to this downward spiral of nothingness. Character development is non-existent. Sound and Animation are sub-par, and Enjoyment is hit or miss, which it usually misses. This means that there’s really nothing going on with Blood-C. I honestly don’t think most fans of the original Blood: The Last Vampire, and Blood + will not find this even a bit interesting or even fans of other horror/gore anime will either.

Saya may be a dense and incompetent dolt, but she sure is pretty hot.

For me I just think it is a giant waste of time, and if you are going to watch Blood-C do yourself a favor and skip to episode 11 to save yourself a headache from the horrid storyline, characters, and to avoid wasting time. I thought that this anime would have been better served as an OVA but still doesn’t change the fact that Clamp used Blood: TLV and Blood + success to make an overhyped and comical attempt to cater to their fans.

Blood- Catastrophe is what the C should stand for…

2/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall

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TeamJoseph says...

I just finished Blood+ which was very good. Right after, I watched 5 minutes of the first  episode of Blood-C and really disliked the Kisaragi Saya. My impression of the Otonashi Saya from Blood+ probably has a lot to do with that. After reading, your review I'm deciding on not to continue watching Blood-C. Thanks for your review.

Jan 18, 2012