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Dec 28, 2011

Kyousougiga- An anime wrapped in a mysterious world full of randomness, and wonder. Its frenzy filled animation, erratic storyline, and abnormal characters will have most of its viewers confused and probably wanting more.

Main Character


The story is really hard to explain since it's only one episode, but if you have seen "Alice in Wonderland" or read "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There" then this might ring a bit of a bell. Now Kyousougiga is not told quite like Alice in Wonderland, but there's some major similarities within it. However it is inspired by "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There" because Koto is in a mirrored world of her home just like Alice was in Through the looking glass, the characters are indeed ripped straight from it (with some degree of originality given to them), and the storyline is pretty similar as well.

Koto, the main character, is a girl who somehow wanders into another world where she seems to be just as happy as can be. This world resembles a city that's full of glamour and can be classified as a mixed bag of everything that can be perceived within your imagination. It mostly consist of humans and spirits of all kinds (the Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass aspect) *Noted that the world itself is inside of a game that two unknown people are playing.* She along with her two little brothers, A and Un, begin to get into a fight with some unknown opposition.

They are apparently looking for the so called "rabbit", whose name just happens to be Lady Koto so that Koto and her brothers can accomplish what they are seeking (telling you is a major spoiler so i'll leave that out). However Lady Koto has been gone for a while. Her brothers begin to lose faith that they will ever find her, and Koto gets depressed. Koto is mistakenly identified as Lady Koto because of the wish she has.

So while this is happening the Assembly of the Three (Chief Priest, Yase, and Myoue) are planning something for Koto and are waiting for another character to arrive, but first Koto must prove that she really wants it by doing some kind of an exam. However the Assembly of the Three has it's own goal in mind.

After this some really weird stuff occurs, and you find out what Koto wanted out of it (similarly to Alice in Wonderland), and what they did for Koto in the end. (Watch after the ending credits too just FYI)

"Life, what is it but a dream?" is part of a poem that is mentioned within the first 30 seconds into the anime. This poem is actually part of a real poem called "A boat beneath a sunny sky". This poem is read at the end of Through the Looking Glass and serves as the underlying theme in the whole entire show. Once you finish you'll understand what the creators meant by this.

*My Thoughts*
I liked how very awkward the storyline is. It is a pretty great concept because Mirror Kyoto is I guess supposed to be a world/society inside of Kyoto that's strange. However what hurt the storyline most is how it progressed. Sure it was funny and entertaining, but the majority of the viewers won't understand what's going on. Also it was just too spontaneous and jerky. This actually could have been made to be at least a 3 episode OVA to explain all the loose ends, and tie them up. But I think what the creators where trying to go for is that the viewers should use their own imagination of what's a foot.

*Also what I didn't Like is that a viewer must have read Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found there, and watched Alice in Wonderland to even get a clue of what's going on.* I wish the creators would have at least mentioned this because then the storyline would have made complete sense to other people not familiar with Lewis Carroll classic.

Other than those flaws it is still pretty watchable.


It's a Cross between Fooly Cooly, Soul Eater, Summer Wars and Sacred Seven. The animation is surprisingly great. It is very COLORFUL like an Alice in Wonderland Scenario. The characters themselves also sport this very outlandish color scheme as well. We have so many bright and exhilarate colors that it just blows a viewers mind. Each and every scene probably has about a gizallion colors in it, which is very eye drawing. The animation is pretty much the biggest highlight in this anime because of how flashy and jarring it was.

Just one of the many scenes in Kyousougiga that use many colors, and yes 99% of the scenes are like this.


The sound is also pretty good. Lots of techo and rock riffs to keep it from being boring. The ending theme Shissou Ginga by TEPPAN is especially great. It's a rock theme song that is a bit above average. OST's weren't exactly memorable, but they got the job done.


There's not really much said about the characters in this anime, so all of them are shrouded in mystery. But once again we see Through the Looking-Glass's influence.

The storyline wasn't the only thing that was inspired by it but also the characters themselves, with all relating to characters in Through the Looking glass. However, Kyousougiga neglects to give them any depth whatsoever which is a real shame.

So if you're looking for something such as a well defined character then look elsewhere otherwise you'll be greeted with some loosely gathered information on them.

We have a monk (Myoue) who's has a caring, laid back and serious at times personality,the brothers of Koto (Un and A) who are just as wild as her, some demon chick (Yase) she has a very noble and spirited personality who is kind, some priest with a robot guy( Chief Priest) is more the knowledgeable and mature one, some random goth woman (Lady Koto), some unknown character (Shouko) and Koto herself.

From Left to Right: Chief Priest, A, Myoue, Koto, Un, Yase.

Now Koto's personality is all over the place. She's wild, crazy, funny, and ditzy all wrapped in one. She is full of life and it shows through out the show. They refer to her as being tomboyish, and that's probably the most info you'll get on her.

The characters are actually quite well portrayed. They all have their individual styles, and also act just as crazy as the main character. I liked that each character felt very different from each other given the short script and storyline. Once again with the limited info we get, it still hurts them in that most viewers would want more. But even with that the viewer can still get a feel for each character and most will be likeable.


All Right how do you like your enjoyment? Is it fun, crazy, weird, and served with a side of bizarre because that's what Kyousougiga offers to its viewers. There isn't a moment where this anime isn't enjoyable with all its exaggerated, and cooky style.

We get some insane fighting scenes that makes the viewer feel surprised. Kyousougiga also is especially pretty funny as well, such as at times the Anime characters themselves don't even know what is going on LOL.

If you got some time just go on and watch it. It's only 1 episode and it won't hurt you. Most likely you'll probably come away with the case of being dumbfounded (don't worry you won't be alone) because once again you'll have no idea what's going on.

*I suggest reading Through the Looking glass, and rewatching it closely* then think about how an anime themed "Through the Looking Glass/ Japanese Alice in Wonderland" would be like. So If you like anime that are far from being ordinary with an explosive and unusual style then this may be your cup of tea.


5.5/10 story
8/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
5.5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall

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