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As per my tag-line, full-time anime junkie and Vocaloid fan, supporter of the local cosplay community, MMO gamer, and when I have time, I actually try and get some work done.

I run the blog Animated Meanderings, which where I do most of my anime related ravings, but shorter bits get posted on my related Facebook and Google+ pages. Other, more general and personal observations happen here :)

I tried making an AMV once ... it didn't turn out well. I'm scratching around for time to make another.

My main mission - expanding the horizons of other anime fans in South Africa so that they realise there are series out there other than Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and Fairy Tail.

My favourite series? Hard to say ... I've watched a lot, and there have been quite a few I've received an exceptional amount of enjoyment from.

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Shadowfoot Jul 19, 2014

Thanks! Don't know how I missed that -_-

Shadowfoot Jul 18, 2014

I've already posted on Anime and Manga SA's Facebook page about the website overhaul and got a few people to join :) Also, apparently there will be an import list function in the future!

Shadowfoot Jul 18, 2014


I saw you were from SA so I added you :) Good to see other South Africans watching anime and you've watched quite a bit.... 

wolfangel87 Jul 14, 2009

I know, due to that section is piqued my interest a little and I started reading some manga.  I found out that I love it too and have been trying to split my time up a little bit between watching and reading

wolfangel87 Jul 14, 2009

It seems like a lot of people have been extremely busy.  I would totally reccommend a massive comeback to the forums, that would be amazing. 

I to have not been around that much.  I just graduated from college and my life has been turned upside down with trying to find a job and moving into a new house.  I am hopeing it will settle down soon so I will be able to watch anime more, right now I am settling for coming on this amazing new site Sothis created and trying to reconnect with people   ^_^