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Death Note

Oct 15, 2010

I watched this, and the rest of the series, based on Face-to-Face recommendations and various reviews from various sites.

This is one of the thinnest most disappointing (worst) series I have ever seen!

The Characters are transparent. Nothing is left to the imagination. No mystery, no suspense. At any point the story and characters could have been more, and various individual character personalities, and storylines, could have been covered and revealed as the series continued.

Maybe this was my problem; the story, and series at large, in no way "Unfolded" it was presented, and within the first few episodes.

The upside was the Shinigami. At least the characters and characteristics were revealed in time, and their story had some substance, some of which was left in reserve and not touched on until into their individual stories.

If your type of Anime is transparent and leaves no suspense, and nothing to the imagination. Then I highly recommend this to you, after having watched and thoroughly considered this series at great lengths, I have found that I would not recommend this series to anyone I know.

3/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall
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littledango Mar 31, 2012

I AM SO GLAD SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME!!! I like most of the anime I watch, but for some reason, I just hated Death Note. It wasn't exciting, and it was waaay too long. They could have eaisily compressed it down to make it more tolerable. Ah well, I guess they can't make all anime perfect, can they?

Rickoon Jun 22, 2011

My brother told me something interesting once: "If you're making someone angry, then you're probably saying something important." I've been browsing reviews for Death Note and all the negative ones contain sprawling and/or excessive amounts of blatant--though obtusely masked--flame comments. The fans have already convinced me. Convinced me that something you said is probably important.

You made a great point on how you believe the show just plops everything on the scales--in telling fashion--rather than showing through gradual, indirect devices.

Mantis Jun 22, 2011

What you say is subjective. I guess if you have a simple mind, you could say there's nothing left to the imagination. Many would consider Light's motives, the morality of his actions, and consider his philosophy and whether it would be applicable to the real world we live in today. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Death Note ever advertised itself as being a mystery. Due to the nature of the narrative, yes, we are always aware of Light's intentions. He is Kira, after all. The show revolves around him.

I didn't give Death Note an amazing score, because the last 1/3 of it sucked. The rest of it however was highly enjoyable. As a final note, I'll never take anything seriously that's written by someone who gave s-CRY-ed a higher score than many brilliant series, and someone who actually watched every episode of Pokémon AND rated it higher than this.