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Superflat Aug 14, 2011

Hey! I see you call yourself an otaku, then say you want to learn japanese. I was just wondering if you're aware of what the word otaku means in Japan? It's actually a very horrid thing to call someone. It basically means someone who is so obsessed with something (anything, doesn't have to be anime), that they have no friends, and never leave their homes.

It's very different to what the western definition of it has become.

I'm not trying to be mean or anything. It's just so few people seem to realize what the word actually means in Japanese.

GintamaGeass Jul 12, 2011

just gonna take a guess and say u dont like degimon do ya lol

Mantis Jun 22, 2011

Thanks for your quick response. My review comment was not intended as a flame, but rather as constructive criticism, because there's a lot to think about in Death Note. Its popularity is over the top and not wholly justified, but I think there are good reasons why it is so popular. It did something no other series had (at least, to a good degree) done before.

I'll admit what I said about not taking you seriously was a little on the harsh side, so I apologise for that. I don't however think it's abnormal for anyone to view a reviewer's profile after reading a review, be the review good or bad. We're curious beings, no? I found the fact you're an older member interesting, and thus I had a browse.

The point I was trying to make? Death Note doesn't deserve the slating that some decide to give it. Nor does it deserve 10/10 ratings. But I found your reasonings for a 3/10 rating a little baseless. I just wanted to add my own points, that's all. I don't defend Death Note, nor do I attack it. I didn't comment to give a person a bad day, either. I am sorry you interpreted it that way.


Wandervox Aug 21, 2009

Age 40 and still watching! Keep on keepin' on, chief; s'good to see folks outside of their teens maintaining interest. Hell, it's good to see someone who may even remember the days of slogging through bad commercial dubs, confusing raws, horrible, 5th (or later) generation VHS copies, and the like. *laughs*

I dunno if AMVs 'count' or not, but no doubt at least a few in all those TBs have turned you on to a new show or two on their own!