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about me

CHey guys,

HIt's sgrby877, I finally decided to work on my profile because a certain someone said it sucked

II think she's lying....

IBut that's besides the point. Here's my profile, so enjoy while you can. I've been around since APN was a wee lad that was innocent and filled with joyous hope and a bright future. Now that APN is getting older, I feel like a proud father or uncle seeing the growth of this website.

IAlso I've seen a few series, so I know a thing or two =o

SIf you're interested in bothering me or contacting me, I'm on irc as aku_satou so give me a poke and see what happens from there.

CHopefully you all enjoy anime-planet and contribute to this growing community ^^

HMake sure you bring something when we have our pot luck dinners D=

II always bring the mac and cheese.... so don't copy D=


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July 14, 2002

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February 18, 2013

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chii avatar chii


Aug 27, 2009

*hands aku a cookie* i had some left over from when i took some from you :P

chii avatar chii


Jul 9, 2009

*eats all your cookies and runs away*

NoirTheElitist avatar NoirTheElitist


Jul 9, 2009

We want cookies~

Hikaru avatar Hikaru


Sep 22, 2008

I like the updated profile.

fireflysnow avatar fireflysnow

Thanks! ^_^

Nov 30, 2007

ty ^_^ i will, am going to add u if thanks ok

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