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I like drama, thrillers, romance, comedy and mystery genres mostly, however, there are exceptions. I like to be recommended new things to watch, aslong as its not anything like Lamune *shudder* or something obvious like Naruto (and other shounen anime). I don't particularly like ecchi harem anime, I find them boring and predictable. And I don't particularly like watching yuri or yaoi >_>;; *watches fangirls/boys at my door with pitchforks and disturbing fanart in horror at my last sentance*....

My favourites:

1. Blood+

2. Kare Kano

3. Code Geass

4. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

5. Ergo Proxy

6. Special A

7. Trinity Blood


9. Fullmetal Alchemist

10. Clannad

11. Fate/Stay Night

12. Kare Kano

13. Zombie-Loan

14. Kanon

15. Bokura Ga Ita

16. Death Note

17. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

18. Ouran High School Host Club

19. Paradise Kiss

20. Nodame Cantabile

21. Elfen Lied

22. Shakugan No Shana

23. Peach Girl

24. Lovely Complex

25. Myself; Yourself

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Deathlord9100 Oct 8, 2008

Yo. Since we have the same taste in anime and everything, I just wanted to let you know about a series that I just finished watching, Code Geass. If you liked Fullmetal alchemist and like anime that has a bittersweet and somewhat tragic storyline in general than you need to watch Code Geass. It clawed its way to the top of my anime list. It was amazing, noticed you have it on your want to watch list as well. My advice, watch it :D. Later.

Deathlord9100 Sep 28, 2008

Yeah, NHK was pretty good. It is very funny but at the same time some of it just dosen't make any sense. The manga is way better but it still isn't a bad watch by any means.

Deathlord9100 Sep 26, 2008

Wow. Its true, we have the same taste. Even the ones you have on your top 20 that I havnt seen yet are all ones that I am looking forward to (especially Fate/Stay Night and Special A). Glad to see there is someone else out there with an awesome top 20+. Once the site gets back up to its full glory ill be sure to add you as a friend.

kilrothi Sep 13, 2008

I wish I could see what you've watched already, so I could recommend some things.  If you haven't seen Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, you definitely should... it's good on its own, and it's a bit of a 'mindf*ck' :)

icyyyyy Sep 13, 2008

hello ~ =D