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Mar 3, 2011

The military academy in Freezing appears to only issue women's uniforms with tear-off chests.  Also, the staff of Freezing would like to remind you that women have enormous breasts, with nipples on the ends of them.  Also, they would like to trivialize childhood sexual abuse (lolspoilers) by using it purely as a justification for why the female lead can only ever be involved with the male lead, out of every other person in the world.  Well, actually it doesn't explain why he's an exception to her general RAGEKILLYONOW reaction to human touch, but I'm assuming that has something to do with magical protagonist powers.

The sheer intensity of the melodrama has sustained my viewing of this fairly mediocre show thus far.  Probably because they've set up the world so that everyone can be hacked mostly to death in a gory showdown every episode and be totally fine the next day.

5/10 story
4/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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masterno Apr 27, 2012

i think there is some things that people dont understand about this anime, i read the manga so its easier to understand, but as like in the manga someone looses their battle partner and some people are crying while other people don't, there is even a guy smacking a boys cheek for being a crybaby and that this is war and no time to cry and start making contract with other girls, they are only there for the organization.. used only.. to save the weak humans from the novas. the chests don't have any powerfull armor.. but because speed is everything.. even the slightest speed matters so they don't choose to use any armor at the outside of clothes.. so its easy ripped apart.. and i think the staff is showing us how easy it can tear apart (even tho.. very overeacting), and El Bridget hate to be touched by humans, but because Bridget stole the stigmata from the sister of the boy, she stole them when she died.. he can feel the power from Bridget and he thinks its his sister, also there has to be some feeling in the stigmata that makes some of the sisters feeling to Bridget's body and she dont react when they boy come close because she don't feel him as a treat.. that's why he can easy approach her.. also when you talk about people being slashed almost to death and still live.. It's good explained, The stigmata they have on the body is like a lifesaver, they can survive lots more than usual humans even if they looses some body parts they can still survive some time, the stigmata also is like a regenerator or healer it makes the body grow or heal faster and a hit that would normally kill you.. the stigmata may just save you.. it's nothing just put out of the blue.. its even explained.. and if you survive the body will easyily recover, but that doesn't help if a nova attack and you're lying on the hospital and the nova kills everyone.. 

LilMayar Mar 26, 2011

I hate this anime but your review is so spot on!

Baeron Mar 14, 2011

Their women may "have the goods" but they display it always in such a distateful manner, its just like... "Oh I bet she's gonna get her clothes ripped off in this fight... again." The storyline is intense though, which makes the airheaded characters seem like they should have all died at the beginning. The main guy just sits there rolling his head between the blonde girl's breasts "mistaking" her for a sister who has BLACK hair? And the others are kind of whispy and air-brained...  Looks like they won't be able to balance their attempt at being "sexy" and action-oriented.

genesizz257 Mar 14, 2011

hmm am i the only one who really likes this anime??, tbh im really enjoying it watch 10/10 so far, loving the stroy and every episode always leaves you wanting to watch more, also one of the main chars, "the Untouchable Queen" is so mis interpretated, everyone thinks she is a hard nut "bitch" but really shes pretty damn soft and cute <3

Kreuz123123 Mar 12, 2011

i love this anime XD somehow this anime remind me of another anime with same story and its been weeks still couldnt find what anime im trying to remember lol

the anime got a few stupid things like the fights between the seniors and the pandora and the enemy the Nova's begin to show on episode 9 kinda dissapointing to show an enemy attack at the end of an anime but hell :P was fun