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wolfangel87 Nov 27, 2010

hahah funny avatar!

sothis Oct 6, 2009


Funkgun Oct 5, 2009

I am checking out Railgun (although I never saw Index), and Inuyasha (yeah I am going to do that one to myself, I Have to see it too the end!)  I am not sure on the rest.

If I see something els that looks good I will drop you a quick jot on here =) See if your interested too. 

Omurqi Sep 9, 2009

Aww, thats the cutest sig from Ga-Rei -Zero- ever <3

Funkgun Sep 6, 2009

HAHA, yeah I did not much care for macross 7 either. I only rewatched it due to Frontier. I still think it is a so-so series. Basara piloting his Valkarie with a guitar will always bug me. ;)  I am not sure it is a necesity to see.

As for the Movie. You know  I had read that it was slated for a summer release. I have not seen it. Upon further research it is actually comming out this fall. 

I hear it is only a re-do of the story, with much of the previous footage, and only some added pieces.

BUT there is a second movie on the Frontier site that says it is a new story based on what has already came out.I bet that will come out in the Spring. (just a guess)

LOL nice avatar by the way.  McLovin for the win.