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This is my very first review so I hope it's gonna be helpful and there won't be too many grammatical errors (English is not my native language^^).

Before watching Code Geass, I had been told a LOT of good things about it. Though I really enjoyed watching it, and it is a great anime, it didn't totally live up to my expectations.

First of all, the story :
It is pretty good overall, there are some very good twists. But I have 2 problems with the story : First, at some points in the story, everything is happening way too fast, and I got kind of lost. Also, there are lots of things I wish they explained, or stuff happening that didn't really make sense to me (just a few things... but I don't want to spoil^^). But I guess I'll get some of the explanations in season 2. So yes.. too much stuff happening but if you can follow the plot it's a great story. The good thing is, it often goes so fast that you don't have time to think about it XD
There are also some pretty funny moments. I really enjoyed the cat (Arthur)^^
And one more thing : I don't like big robot fights AT ALL... but it didn't bother me in this anime. I think the plot is more important than the fighting anyway in this one^^
Best part of the season i.m.o. = episode 22, at about 15 minutes :P So unfair but I think it was the best twist in the whole season.

Animation :
Not much to say about it, and I'm not an expert so ... let's just say it's was very good i.m.o.

Sound :
I didn't like the endings and openings XD But that part I can skip so I didn't care hihi And anyway it's just a matter of personnal taste I think.

Not much to say about the sound either except that lol I don't think I'm able to really judge it^^

Characters :
I really enjoyed a lot of characters (Suzaku, C.C., Euphemia, Cornelia,...). There are 2, though, that we could say I had trouble with. First : Nina. I HATE this character, I really really hate her. She does nothing and it's like she's here just to be a creepy little character. I like creepy characters, but she is just annoying. And Lelouch... Let's make it clear right now : Lelouch is a great character and I didn't hate him... not all the time XD It was 50/50 actually. There were just so many times when he reminded me of Light (Death Note), and I hated Light sooo much XD They have a lot in common : both are students who are given a special power and they want to use it for "justice" .. and then... they start overdoing it .... and they want to rule the world. In fact I guess we could say I really liked Lelouch but I hated Zero^^
Another thing that I really enjoyed about characters : there are strong female characters! (Yeah! Girls power XD). If I only had to give one example I'd say Cornelia. She's awesome :P

So, overall I think that's an anime you have to see. It might be more enjoyable for boys than for girls (it's just my observation, I can be wrong^^) but as a girl I really liked it. There are some weaknesses in Code Geass but even though I don't believe it is the best anime in the world (as my friends have been claiming since they watched it^^), it is still totally worth watching.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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