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Accel World

Story: 8/10

The story of this anime is actually quite creative. Although the concept of characters being able to go into different worlds isn't something completely new, the idea of turning this amazing but over-used concept into a basic setting where everyone is capable of doing so due to technology is actually more amusing than I expected. 
The main character has something and someone that he wants to protect and will probably want to become the strongest because of that which is really nothing new, but this overly simple motif actually adds a very inviting feeling to this anime.

Animation: 9/10

The art in the real world(especially school) seems very bright, even to an uncomfortable extent since school is a very uncomfortable place for Haruyuki. The real world is also drawn with a really subtle feel which contrasts with the world in the Brain Burst program. The Brain Burst program consists of more shadowy places and feels very surreal since all the colors of the real world is altered and everyone in there has a specific color to them. Yet, the Haruyuki finds the accelerated world a more inviting place for him.
( I can BS about this stuff for years but the best thing about the art is still the character arts!)

The character art for this anime is very nice. Every important character in this anime is drawn in a very detailed fashion, but not detailed enough that characters start to look annoying. The illustration for the two main female characters that have appeared so far is astonishingly good. The cute illustrations of Chiyuri fits her character really well, her avatar in the school network is also very appealing. And Kuroyukihime sempai is just AMAZING! Her illustration, especially her hair and her school network avatar fits her prominent position really well. She is definitely my favorite heroine of spring 2012! 

Just the illustration itself for the main character, Haruyuki, looks promisingly negative and I really hope they could make a better illustration for the main character. But let us all ask ourselves one question :"Is there a better way to illustrate someone who is only good at video games and is a complete loser in reality who also feels really bad about himself than a short and fat kid with stupid-looking eyes?" My answer is definitely NO"

Sound: 9/10

OP is ok~ it feels quite unique but to me, it does not sound quite great. I loved the ED, it sounds pleasant to the ear and it fits the feeling of the anime really well.

The background noise+music for this anime is great. The background music changes many times throughout the long conversations between Haruyuki and Kurohime. The background music is definitely what makes the long conversations interesting and even, at times, make simply talking feel very cool and exciting. 

The voice actors are very professional and dedicated. The voice actor for Haruyuki is Kaji Yuki, who is a great voice actor for those "I dunno what to do next but I need to protect ___" characters. (Example: Ouma, Shu from Guilty crown, Amata Sora from Aquarion Evol and Issei from High school DXD). Chuyuri's voice actress also fits her cheerful and cute tone very well. What amazes me the most is the voice actress of Kuroyukihime. This is the first anime that this voice actress got a major role in, yet, she fits the character really well and her skills are very dedicated and developed.

Character 9.5/10 (lots of this section is already explained in the art and the sound section)
The motif for the actions of the major characters in Accel World is very simple, they simply hang on to one thing and all they do is for completing that task and usually, this becomes a downside of an anime because it's overly simple. However, in this case, I think this feeling is exactly what this anime needs.

So far, the character development speed for most of the characters have been very slow since we are still being introduced to some of the important backgrounds of the characters, but the characteristics of all the major characters is already very clear.

Characters: 9/10

Boy, where do I begin here. There are going be haters here, without a doubt. Harita will receive a lot of hate, for being such a wimpy, and often defensiveness little piggy. People will just hate him for his appearance. His antics does get annoying at times, but I think he compliments very well with Kuroyukihime. Being the fan girl that I am, I think he's adorable. He is shy, naive, but extremely honest. I like him!
Hime is one of my favorite characters in general. She is strong, beautiful, not to mention a little tsundere. She reminds me of Tohsaka Rin from Fate/Stay Night. What she did for Harita was really touching, and their relationship is something to be admired. 

Overall: 9/10

I really want to give this anime a 10/10 because I simply love it, but generally speaking, 9/10 is where this anime is at since there are a few things that could be done better.

I would recommend this anime mainly to battle or sci-fi lovers, especially the type that loves mental battles. But I also want to recommend Everyone to watch this amazing anime! Believe me, this anime will be enjoyable. I cannot guarantee that everyone will love this anime, but this Accel World will definitely be a waste of 25 minutes.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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roriconfan says...

"I would recommend this anime mainly to battle or sci-fi lovers, especially the type that loves mental battles"

It's a no-brainer show, there is nothing mental in it.

"Accel World will definitely be a waste of 25 minutes."

Lol, you admit it yourself.

Aug 4, 2012