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Sword Art Online

Jul 15, 2012

Story: 9/10 
Its basically a story where you fight for your life. This makes each episode anticipating. I can also relate this to Mirai Nikki, cause their also playing a game in which they would have to win in order to live. It shows issues in society wherein gaming can highly influence an individual though I'm not quite sure if this would be seen in the next episodes but its the "aura" I got from watching it.

Animation: 10/10
The art is one of the best. The beautiful world of SAO is very well animated to the point where we actually feels we wants to play VRMMORPG, It provides visually stunning animation. The character design is another notable feature of SAO.

Sound: 9/10
I don't really pay attention to the Openings and endings since I usually skip it if I don't have time. but its sound effects are genuinely good making you look to the screen intently without distraction.

Character: 10/10
Our protagonist Kirito seems to be a skilled gamer in SAO because he has experience in the beta version of it. Kirito has a bit of an introvert personality, and seems to be an addicted gamer who has passion to finish this game. He loved SAO beta, and wants to grow in SAO live as well. He seems to have some reason to dislike reality, or at the very least enjoys virtual reality more. He makes a statement that he feels more alive in SAO than real life.

He meets a good nooby friend Cline right at the first episode, and instead of pushing noobs away like most people would he decided to help him out. Kirito shows an introverted personality whenever Cline talks about meeting up with his other friends, but Kirito also shows compassion for Cline when things get bad.

I believe Kirito will show growth in SAO, and I'm sure we'll see the reason behind some of his characteristics soon. In just the first episode it was revealed he's a strong person. Not many people can be calm after facing a life and death reality. Asuna hasn't made an appearance yet, we'll see how she is in the next episode!

Overall: 10/10
As of now, I look forward to the next episodes and I'm hoping that its aspects and flow of story won't change or drop down instead it would just raise higher.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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roriconfan Oct 16, 2012

They never animated 16.5, another fail.

Shaddan Sep 12, 2012

Still waiting for chapter 16,5 from the novel ^.^ (which is by the way considerably less random and biased in every stage of the story being in my opinion a lot more enjoyable for a quick read (only read the 1st book))

coletchan Aug 19, 2012

I agree with revulsion,

This anime is too overrated...I really thought I was gonna like it, but the anime (story) I just nog good enough... 

gave it 2.5 stars.

Revulsion Aug 2, 2012

Although I saw with good eyes this anime, I must agree with roricofan.

I've though this anime would be about fighting (as is expected watching the opening) but the fact is just a romantic psychodrama about Kirito's bipolarity when at day he's anti-social, and at night he becomes friendly and loves everybody helping low levels instead be selfish levelling in secret places.

What the hell just happened with his developing? How did he reached that level? Why people fight each-other for the shake of get items when all their lives are in serious risk?

I felt so disappointed on the episode 4, because you see there's a point of no return about his beginning and this kicks my nuts.

What if he played the Beta? That should add a bit of spicy fights with tricks and variety of skills, instead repeat the same attacks once and once like happens in most of scenarios.

Man, this is pretty odd, so I decided to focus this anime into something different, like the life of somebody trapped inside a game and how he feels, his drama and people dying because they must die sooner or later so why not die in this game, or whatever.

So, let's wait and see how this anime evolves and grab some some popcorn.

Jedo Jul 30, 2012

I get where you guys are coming from but at the same time, I simply see the various timeskips as a way to build up to the actual starting point of the story. I didn't necessarily equate a level up to character development. It just seems over the top to claim that Kirito flip flops so fast.

Did it ever occur to you that he is still actually hated.. or that maybe he has been friendly all along (although socially awkward)? SAO is/was a community of 10000 and if Kirito is a 'beater' who spends majority of his time in the frontlines then not many people will know him by face. Being a hated solo player doesn't really matter when people don't recognize you for the negatives associated to your character.