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Story: 9/10
Anis Yamamoto was given a rose choker as a child by her father, telling her not to take it off under any circumstance because if she does a severe "punishment" will be given. Up until she was in highschool, the choker was still there (to choke her), but after some weird bat thingie bumped into her, voila! The choker came off! After chasing the little guy who bumped into her, she came across her teacher! Dun dun dun! And there she learns she is the "Rose Princess" and her knights are also students of her school! What will happen? (The cliche question)

Art: 9/10
Art was great compared to other shoujo mangas. You can easily read their expressions, and can feel them like you are with them in the story. Yes, the art for the characters are very detailed and descriptive, but the surroundings or backgrounds were not as detailed as the characters, but with the story, you can easily ignore those.

Characters: 10/10
Character development was outstanding! After reading just 20 chapters over...whatev, the characters were given enough screentime to know them well. These kind of reverse harem is what I like. The average girl who wants nothing to do with the knights and their problems, the guy with the hate-hate relationship with the main girl, the narcissistic guy who is overly devoted to his "princess", and the cute moe, girly, adorable guy who you can't help but just love.

Overall: 10/10
It's a great read to the romance, comedy, drama, mystery, reverse harem fans like myself. It's great, nuff said.

9/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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