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Hi I'm Seimei. Not one for bio's much so sorry if it isn't a lot. I'm 16 from United States who loves Anime of all sorts. My favorite being supernatural type stuff but I am all open for things like romance and normal slice of life anime if it has compelling characters. I'm a sucker for white haired characters and same sex couples. I am gender-fluid so sometimes I feel like a man, other times I feel like a woman it doesn't matter to me what you refer to me as. I am open for friend request if you want my skype shoot me a message. And I look forward to some anime reccomendations ^w^

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Sianeka says...

Thank you - I also friended you! A fellow Californian, eh? I live in SoCal - are you in my area or up north? 

It's really hard to give recs to someone who rates almost everything with a five rating as I can't go by your most favorite shows to base the recs. And you already have seen a lot of what I might recommend, as you have 4 months of anime life listed (I only have 3.) I'll try to follow your favorite genres then, and also avoid shows like the ones to which you DIDN'T give 5 stars...

And, I want to point out that the site's recs really are awesome, so be sure to check those for anime you would definitly like to see more like.

Fantasy: I have been watching Fate/Zero and just started Fate/Zero 2 which has been even more highly recommended to me. Your list says you haven't yet seen the Miyuzaki classic Spirited Away and this surprises me. Aimed perhaps at a younger audience than many anime, I enjoyed this best of the Miyuzaki movies I've seen. A newer comedy/fantasy that I've seen twice and that many seem to enjoy is Hataraku Maou-sama!

Mystery: Currently watching Hyou-ka: You Can't Escape and that is the first title that sprang to mind when I thought of mystery genre. Listed as a mystery on the site is an anime I enjoyed, Seirei no Moribito. Featuring a unique animation style, you may want to check out Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.

Shounen-ai: I've actually read more shounen-ai manga than I have seen anime, but will throw a few titles out at you that you might check out. Gravitation is sometimes a bit zany, but is one of the first s-a anime I viewed after I read the manga. Speaking of firsts, the very first s-a/yaoi title I ever saw is Ai no Kusabi. Intriguing premise, I want to read the original someday (I've seen both older and newer versions of this and I think I prefer the older version.) Listed as an s-a title, although it is more slice-of-life, Antique Bakery is a fairly decent and charming story.

Question: on your list I noticed several anime you rated as 5-stars, but gave them the Dropped status. If you were enjoying them so much you gave them 5-stars, why would you drop them????

Mar 3, 2014