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May 31, 2011

Suffered through this with me: Hesh


Story 3.5

Titties, titties. Oh wait, you’d like hear about the story of Kämpfer. We’ve just summarized it in two words. The main storyline is involving Kämpfer fighting and ripping each other’s clothes for no apparent reason. The Kämpfer are divided in two teams. Red, blue and white… but let’s continue!

Meet Natsure (boy mode). Who is a Kämpfer (girl mode). He spends most of his time being a girl that is being violated by all other Kämpfer’s. He’s or she is quite “popular” (yes, it’s a harem anime).

Every episode there’s a fight, there are no clothes after the fight and then there’s Natsuru being violated... again...

Characters 5

We’ve discussed a bit of the characters in the previous sections (Natsuru is a whiney good for nothing).  The harem characters include:

Akane: the shy glasses-girl.

Kaede: plain, I like this girl, type.

Mikoto: the childhood friend who can only cook curry.

Shizuku: the student council president temptress. <3

A pretty well laid out harem. Of course, all of the love Natsuru, except for the one he loves, Kaede. This gets us in the generic harem situation of the main character being oblivious of what is happening around him. And pretty much anything else that doesn’t involve explosions or his hair set on fire (his hair didn’t actually catch fire in the series). The characters are well made but so awfully generic, that we can’t get any higher than a 5. Only Shizuku <3 is a bit new in her ways, which gets this part a bare 5.

Sound 6:

Well usually there anime don't really have memorable soundtracks. With the exception of a few selected anime such as Cowboy Bebop and Angel Breats (which are wonderful by the way) and... No… this one is not memorable.


The worst part is that even after watching I had to listen the opening and ending scene to simply remember it.


But the soundtrack isn't the only part of course.

Good voice actors make the difference between a good and bad anime.

In this case most voice actors were pretty good except that of the main character Natsuru whom had most lines so... well you know where I'm going.


Animation 7.5:

Well I have to admit to these guys they are pretty good at drawing tits. But... well... that’s the main point of this entire anime so we’ll give them credits for it.

The animation is done well as are the characters.


There is nothing much to comment on this point beyond that.

Overall Kämpfer really screwed us over on the story part. It could've been nice with a little more originality and/or diversity. Instead we got lots of boobies and however nice that is, we have other ways of acquiring those.


3.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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