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Apr 20, 2011

I started this anime thinking it would be another one of those cloth ripping fighting between girls anime. It was that, but also much more. There has been put time in thinking about the progression of the characters even though the clothing in this anime has the tendency to rip the same way over and over again.

The story is a bit plain, but that doesn't make it bad. Better a good story stolen than a bad one made.

The animation, is awesome. Flashy battles and smooth moves in every episode. The special moves executed by the characters are nothing less than marvelous. I'd definetly recommend this anime to action fans just for that.

The sound didn't annoy me, so I'm just going with a 7 there, as it didn't really impress me either.

What also surprised me was that the main character wasn't a total douche or wimp, which happened a lot in the anime I watched lately(Yes, I'm looking at you, IS). The main guy knows what he wants, and stands for that. Respect.

I love a world invaded by monsters where the humans have a limited fighting supply of supernatural humans, and freezing is just that. Don't let the jiggling boobies distract you too much from the awesome stories and battles!

6/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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scizorg45 Apr 20, 2011

Thanks for your comment. And I would indeed say freezing is not for everybody, and they certainly overdid it a bit. But looking past that, I still think the series was cool enough. :)

SadisticTendencies Apr 20, 2011

Great review, but every inch of my body vomit up acid whenever I remind myself that I actually saw 'Freezing' :)