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Review made in cooperation with Hesh. 

Story 3.5/10

Occult is like a meal from a fast-food restaurant: Sure, it looks good enough and is tasty. But when you’re done, you’re still craving dessert.

It starts off with the thing its promising: An occult academy. But as the story progresses, they keep on adding more random shit that we could’ve done without. They lose track of the main story very fast and making it feel very episodic (even worse, they take three episode per “mystery”, which have absolutely nothing to do with the main story).

The story takes place in 1999. The occult academy back then is a place full of mystery and strange events. Meet our hero: Abe. Abe is from the future. He is the last of a series of time-travelers trying to prevent a disaster from happening. Together with Maya he is trying to find the Nostradamus key which, when destroyed, renders the event unable from happening. They can keep this up for about three episodes and after this, they get completely sidetracked by the other random events the author of this anime thought would be worth our precious time. Which it really isn’t.  We don’t care for glasses girl getting a better personality. We don’t care for a random ghost to pop up. We don’t care for the disappearances of villagers. Okay, maybe we would’ve if it had some connection to the Nostradamus key. But it didn’t. That’s why our interest in the story faded after episode 6.

Animation 7/10

The backgrounds and scenery is very colorful and detailed. The characters however, could be more polished. And at the end of the anime the animation quality drops considerably. The location frequently switches between dark caves, the academy surroundings, day and night. This gives diversity to the colors in this anime. Overall this is one of the better points of this anime, but it still lacks in uniqueness to give it a high score overall.

Sound 6/10

The opening and ending theme had absolutely no relation with the anime itself. The music wasn’t memorable. The music would’ve fit better if this was some adventure anime in a wide, green world. It doesn’t convey the sinister feeling of the events happening around the school.

Overall the voice actors did their job pretty good. Especially tsundere Maya, useless Abe and airheaded Mikaze had voice actors which suited them very well.

Characters 6/10

Maya started off as a strong tsundere but got an awful personality change halfway through the series. The main problem we had with it was not the personality change itself, but reason behind it. There was none whatsoever. Abe was your useless boy character, no surprise there.

The real pearls of the characters can be found in the side characters. The side characters are all unique and we would’ve rated this section (and perhaps the whole anime altogether) higher if they would’ve gotten more screen time. Uniqueness can be found in most of the side characters, which adds a bit of flavor.

Overall 5/10

After reviewing this anime, we came to a conclusion: It just isn’t done. The story got rushed out in the end because the time in the middle got filled by random events. We are unsure as to why they did this. We do know one thing: We weren’t satisfied with the result.

3.5/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Agroftw Oct 11, 2010

Hmmm....Occult Academy is def. one of those place holder animes, something different, something your probably not use to, that can hold your interest when your between animes. I'll say this for the anime, it was def. unique. Its Buffy+anime on crack...a lot of crack. You could also say its Ghostbusters+anime on crack.

As for your review, to say "They" lose track of the main story is a bit of hyperbole on your behalf , as the first 7 episodes do deal with them trying to find the Nostradamus key, and in each of those episodes we are reminded of the future that awaits them if they fail. Even though having three filler episodes in a 13 anime series is by no means a good idea, it also doesnt equal "losing track of the main story". Especially when things pick right back up again after episode 10. Though I dont necessarily disagree with your conclusion. The plot bombs, the fact that the story came rocketing toward a conclusion, the abruptness of "certain" episodes. This really should of been a 26 episode series. 

Oh and while Maya's personality change was rather drastic...there was a reason behind it. Everything that happened in episode 6 pretty much. The fact that the anime didnt keep her as the standard tsundere, but rather humanized her, was a good job on the anime's part IMO.