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Sep 27, 2010

Story 5/10

If someone would tell you the future is fixed and cannot be changed, would you tell them they’re wrong? If someone would tell you that you will die and tell you the exact location, the way you’re going to die and every detail possible about your death, would you not try to prevent it? Well, I can say that you wouldn’t if you’re a character from X TV.

The story basically is about two groups of people, one who wants to destroy humanity and one who wants to preserve it. Thing is, the people from the destroy side don’t necessarily want to destroy humanity, which makes the conflict laughable at best. The action doesn’t start until the latter half of the show starts, the first 12(!) episodes more or less being a prelude. In fact, the real battles that matter don’t happen until the last 5 episodes, which was annoying (to say the least). On top of that, nobody is sure what they really want, so half of the time is wasted figuring that out. The concept was nice, the execution terrible.

Animation 6/10

The animation style is a bit old, but it’s nothing disturbing. The characters look pretty nice and the action scenes are fluent.

Sound 3/10

The voice actors are decent, but one thing annoyed the hell out of me. A single soundtrack was used at the end of almost every episode and, depending on the mood, was played with a little variation depending on the mood. I almost started skipping the last part of an episode so I wouldn’t have to listen to that horrible soundtrack.

Characters 6/10

Ugh, the characters. Most of them were decent enough with a nice background to them. But I wanted to kill them sometimes because of the decisions they made. There is a future seeing princess who doesn’t inform her champions about impending doom “because they can’t change it anyway”. What kind of stupid reason is that! Of course they can’t change it if they don’t know about it, duh! She alone makes me go no higher than a 6.

Overall 5/10

X TV could’ve been a very nice anime; the story was good enough for it. Making us wait 12 episodes for them to show this is unforgiveable however. I might rewatch just the last 6 episodes to see if the story still makes sense that way and if it does, just recommend everyone to skip the first 16 episodes. 

5/10 story
6/10 animation
3/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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