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Time flies when having fun.

22 NOV

No seriously, it does. I should've probably mentioned in my previous blog post that I found myself watching Hikaru no go till 5:00 am. The same goes for Kiba. If I have a weakness for a particular kind of anime, it's anime where some(one/people) (are/is) thrown into a strange world. Especially if magic is involved. Oh, and amnesia.. I don't know why that is.

I also made the 3 months watched on anime this week, I don't know if I should feel proud or not, but in the meantime, I'll just enjoy my new badge.

Status on the buddygroups: Horrible, I still don't know how much behind I am on wolf's rain, Kämpfer is still not finished(I believe we're 2 weeks behind now and since the meeting for next sunday is cancelled, I guess there won't be much of an improvement then). Monster is now 12 episodes behind schedule, Bokurano is 8. I'm hopeless....

Anime finished this week:

Beet the vandal buster.
Fight ippatsu juuden-chan.

Anime started this week:


Reviews still not written this week:

Guin saga.... >.<

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