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I make things.

Why not try them?


As far as my ratings, you may notice I give a lot of high ratings. I feel I should explain this:

A rating of five stars means the show engulfed me, burried itself in my mind, and colored the way I see the world.

A rating of 4.5 stars means the show is as good as it can get without changing my life.

Anything between 2.5 and 4 stars, I find hard to rate. So I tend to not rate them.

If I've dropped the show, I found it to be worth less than two stars. I don't feel it's fair to rate a show that I did not completely see, however, so I don't rate them.

Any show that I saw a long time ago (on a timescale of years), I don't rate. Otherwise, pokemon would be five-stared. :)

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Grach Jun 26, 2014

Hallo! sothis, the site's creator, is planning a major redesign for the site (it comes out rather soon; perhaps in the next week or so), and the blog feature is unortunately going away. More can be found here. Make sure to take a look when it goes live!

 I'm just a helpful volunteer in a project to notify those who have blogs posted here, like yourself, that the blog feature is going away. So if you want to save the information that you posted in your blog on the site, you’ll need to move that information someplace else on the site that WON’T be going away. If you don’t move the information to another part of the site, the information will be gone when the new site design goes live, unfortunately.

 So, we are telling everyone that has posted a blog this, and then we are making suggestions where they can move their information, based on what information their blog contained. This comment has recommendations to you where to move your blog content.

Your blog postings about your thoughts on Ano Hana could either go into it's thread, which can be accessed by the "Discuss this Anime" button on it's page, or by including them in a thread devoted to final thoughts on anime. To do this, follow the instructions below to make an account:

In order to move your blog information to the forums, note that you'll need to create a separate forum registration ID if you don’t already have one.

Currently, the site and forum registrations are separate. There are plans to merge them in the future, but at this time you must register/create a separate Forum ID to post. Separate avatars and signatures also must be posted if you want them to show up in forum posts. (This can be done via the User CP link at the top of the profile page.) It is recommended to use the same Forum name as your Site name to help other members to find you in both places, and to help in the future when the two functions are merged.

Go to the Forums section of the site by clicking on Forums tab at the top center of the page or at the Forums link at the very bottom left side of the page under the Site Links column.  A dialogue box requesting you log in or create an account should show up to allow you to register and create your Forum ID. Once you create an account, you can make changes to your profile and add avatar, signature info by clicking on User CP link at the top of any Forum page.  The User Control Panel sections are listed in a panel on the left side of the page when you click on User CP link.

First thing to do when you sign up is to check the rules of the forum topic before you post. There is usually a "sticky" topic at the top of the forum section where the topic is located that details the guidelines applying to the topic. Or for general rules on posting to the Forums here, check out the Forums FAQ Page. First link on this page is General Forum Usage.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get back to me, and I will try to assist.

Also, to comment on someone else's page, click on their avatar - it will direct you to their page.

sci Aug 2, 2009

Oh hey I never even noticed this spiffy comment section thing.

Thanks for the kind welcome~

tvc8006 Aug 1, 2009

Welcome to anime-planet!