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wolfangel87 says...

Scary avatar!

Nov 13, 2010
Warthog89 says...

I took the liberty of finding a link to the book :P

I got the first two books. They're novels lol

First one tells of how Dante became "Dante", how he got his guns; Ebony and Ivory, and how he met Virgil as Gilver. VERY good books if you like DMC ^_^

Jun 13, 2009
manaka50 says...

ya thats what i thought 2..didn't like claymore very much cause of that..then after that a few weeks later.w.ell 4 days ago i bought complete sereis of te anime of gantz and i loved it.t.hen read the whole manga.a.nd ya no im trying 2 get the game for it off of e bay X3

Jun 13, 2009
manaka50 says...

ya its a pretty good manga and anime.a.nime andmanga the same..i hope u like it ^^

Jun 12, 2009
Warthog89 says...

That'd be a sick name for a kid :P

I'd go with Tony Redgrave. The only people who'd think it was bitching would be the DMC nuts XD

(Tony Redgrave was Dante's name before he started devil hunting)

Jun 12, 2009