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I am a Student, a wife, and a mother who loves ANIME!  I've loved it since I can remember.  I have collected most of Hayao Miyazaki movies and watch again and again with my family.  I love the culture, the art, the stories, and the fantasy of anime.  It inspires me to draw more, be more creative, and work harder in my own field.  I wanted to go to school for animation but never had the time due to family.  However, my life worked out just fine.  I am going to school for web design which allows me to be at home with my family.  The program I am in is AWESOME!  I love it because everyone I go to school with are big nerds like me.  We can talk about video games (WHICH I LOVE.  Final Fantasy, I just have to mention due to the animation and effects), movies, and all the cool electronic stuff that we enjoy.  Anyways, ANIME is AMAZING!  I do not like the scandolas, skin baring anime.  It grosses me out.  I like the clean, children friendly anime.  I don't know why, It brings out the imagination in my brain and it just makes me feel like a kid again I guess:)

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Minai99 avatar Minai99


Mar 6, 2012

Man it has been FOREVER. So what's new?

Minai99 avatar Minai99


Jan 2, 2012

Satch!!~~ :)

How was christmas, new years? Have you made any progress with your shows? How's the family?

Minai99 avatar Minai99


Nov 29, 2011

Hey Satch, how's life been? Did you have a good thanksgiving? It's nice to see you're connecting with Nouta, someone I think is pretty awesome. Sorry if I'm slooooow on responses. I run a chatroom that takes up a lot of my time, unfortunately, and sometimes I just don't have time to come to ap.com. Write me up, though, so we can keep in touch! :)

HiroRyusaki avatar HiroRyusaki


Nov 25, 2011

Ah, I have ADHD. But I suppose I don't have nearly as much responsibilities to deal with as you do considering you have to take care of a family while I only have to take care of myself. I met a guy in one of my recitations who has a family and runs a business at the age of 32 and he is retaking undergraduate at Georgia Tech and he absolutely can't stand the undergraduate Teacher Assistants that run recitation as well as all the tedious work given out as a part of intro weed out courses. I get by because, well, I simply have a lot of free time on my hands, living at the college I don't spend all that much time getting from point A to point B and I have a lot of extra time to deal with all the bs projects and what not, lol. I have found personally with ADHD that sometimes I am simply not doing things the best most efficient way and that I need only change a few things about the way I do things especially the way I set up my workspace environment etc. I have gone from spending over 10 hours on my CS Hw to 3-4 hours a week. Good Luck with all the stuff you have to deal with, anyways, my favorite anime of this season is Mirai Nikki, you?

Noutathewolf avatar Noutathewolf


Nov 10, 2011

Haha, your post was long!

well the first one you posted was a loong time ago, so i feel bad about that too D: and my job is good so far, although i havent really started working yet- just doing training. and its not a steady job, its a part time seasonal job, so ill be fired in jan. Hehe, so you're almost done with school now? And hows it like being a mom? I don't ever plan to be one, cause im not a big fan of children (i have a 3 1/2 year old nephew and i really cant imagine having a child of my own) Hehe, yes Clannad really is amazing... I was sort of shocked though when Nagisa was pregnant, because they had never kissed or anything so.. it was just shocking, haha. The ending was nice, although it was sort of like "I'm sorry for making you cry your eyes out- here's a happy ending! BWAHAHA!"

aww, thats so cute.. :) How did you make the costume? Like sewed it and everything? :o and aw, i bet she was cute too! Rapunzel... hmm.. have you seen Tangled? They sort of skip Thanksgiving now, since the industry doesnt make enough money on it, I guess but then again its snowing already- so let the Christmas come? He's a new grandpa? Ooh, a growing family! Its so weird how just one day you're a lil kid and then next you've got nieces and nephews and babies and your babies have babies.. its crazy! Although on the topic of candy, I love the after-Halloween clearance sales! And Easter... and Christmas.. and just the candy sales at Rite-Aid are good too!

Yup, its my last year in High School :) but wow.. are you glad you'll be done then? How long have you been in school? And did you enjoy writing the speech? Hehe, if it bores you I'm sorry D: What do you have to do for homework? I'm just kind of curious, cause all I have to do for mine is read the text book and do like  "Section 3, 1-4" (.. I wish my math had been that easy! Haha, "Section 5-4, do problems 1-36 even, 46, 48, 61-64... waaah xd)

Ah okay! Then there isnt really any of that. I love it! Infact, I think I'm going to watch a few episodes after I finish typing this.. I hope xD VIDEO GAMES?! Oh yeah, I don't think we've really talked about that too much.. just Miyazaki :3 I guess I'm done too.. I think.. Oh, how do you get your typing thing to space the lines, like paragraphs and stuff? I hate having it all jumbled up.. Well, maybe I can try something.. Hehe, see ya!(Oh wait, now that I preview my post its not all squished together... thats new!)

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