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about me

This is more of a note to myself. So. Don't take time reading it, it's would be meaningless to you.


All time bests:

Busou Renkin


FullMetal alchemist&Brotherhood+++



Irresponsible Captain Tylor

Origin: Spirits of the past[Movie]

Pandora Hearts+++

Rurouni Kenshin[All]

Sousei No Aquarion



Black Lagoon1&2


Fate/Stay night

Kaze no Stigma

Vampire Knight1&2

Zero No Tsukaima1&2&3

Did not liked:

Bokura ga ita { For the horrible ending&romance, ew.

Bleh, didn't, get to me? Didn't hate. Didn't love. Bleh is the word:


Samurai Deeper Kyo

Samurai Champloo

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October 13, 2007

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July 2, 2011

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BlackNeko avatar BlackNeko

You Rock!

Oct 18, 2007

umm how there is so many same message from u? o_o did u get urself in bad tbl? I hope u didnt. Write me when u have time. I hope we can become chatting friends. If its really ok to u. :DFD

from : =^.^=  and I hope that u tell me about ur some favorite animes. =DD 

BlackNeko avatar BlackNeko


Oct 16, 2007

Here is pretty could, because snow will come soon here. I haven't many friends who watch anime, but they read manga. And and..here if u like to watch or discussa about anime is not weird(?) X) Here is many who does it and many who doesnt. Wht anime is ur favorite? or do u have many of them. When u discovered that u like to watch and discussa about anime? and do u read manga? =D I gtg to school now. bye ^^

BlackNeko avatar BlackNeko

Thanks! ^_^

Oct 16, 2007

Nice, I like to chat more and more so If u want send me more post and somthing what discuss x)) I'm happy because I got post today x)) and please ignore my bad english xP

sothis avatar sothis


Oct 16, 2007

Hi sasnin! We chatted in chat, right? Or was it over email? Hmm...

anyways, hi and welcome! ^_^

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