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This is more of a note to myself. So. Don't take time reading it, it's would be meaningless to you.


All time bests:

Busou Renkin


FullMetal alchemist&Brotherhood+++



Irresponsible Captain Tylor

Origin: Spirits of the past[Movie]

Pandora Hearts+++

Rurouni Kenshin[All]

Sousei No Aquarion



Black Lagoon1&2


Fate/Stay night

Kaze no Stigma

Vampire Knight1&2

Zero No Tsukaima1&2&3

Did not liked:

Bokura ga ita { For the horrible ending&romance, ew.

Bleh, didn't, get to me? Didn't hate. Didn't love. Bleh is the word:


Samurai Deeper Kyo

Samurai Champloo

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44 total

What?! No manga ratings?

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BlackNeko Oct 21, 2007


Thats nice. Then u have to answer me when u have a time (: I was haooy cuz u had wroten me so long letter. ^^ So dont say sry. Who I would be..ha? umm.. thats hard. I think that I would like to be Kazuki from Get Backers. I know that hes a boy, but he looks so much a girl that I dont mind x) or then I would want to be Mokkun/Guren from Shounen onmyouji, Hes man too but hes awsome x) or TimeWitch from xxxHolic hes woman :D Theres too many but those are top 3 to me. What kind of anime? umm..mostly I watch action, romantic and funny series but I do like watch some series where is blood and horror hellsing. I hate watch too funny eps. where there is only some funny guy doing somethin funny. And too much blood and horror..I dont like that too. What about u, who would u be? or What kind og anime do u like to watch? Here is morning now and I gtg school soon. There is cold outside and I wouldnt want to go. =D I'm busy with Get Backers, I started watch it week ago and I have fallen for it. =DD it awsome! ^^ And I do like watch anime where is something magical in it too! And I dont mind that u did soiler me thet ending. I'm dont have started that anime yet, so I will forget that, but its true that someone can c what we write so. (: I'm hoping that u would tell me what was ur first anime u watched too? =DD answer me when u have a time. =^.^=

BlackNeko Oct 19, 2007

Wow U did write me a lot! ty ! I'm now little busy but tomorrow I will try write u long letter, If I'm able to it xD I know both sites u use, but I use more this site : but u have to download veohtv to watch them . cuz if they do it like that, it isnt so against law. (: and its nice to be able to watch those in big screen and like that u can even download them in ur comp. not all but some episodes. (: before -I come tomorrow send me some guestions! =DD


sothis Oct 18, 2007

Whoa. do you realize you just spoiled the entire Kenshin series for BlackNeko? And Full Metal Alchemist for anyone who hasn't seen it? :/ you really should go edit that comment ASAP and not put major ending spoilers in them...

BlackNeko Oct 18, 2007

And I forget to say but If u are in forum or chat, tell me ur username there so we can chat ther too If we are sametime online. =^.^=

Sry that I did send so many messages to u.

BlackNeko Oct 18, 2007

and u can tell me some animes what would be good to watch. but first check out what I have watched, so u dont recommend me something I have watched. :DDD then I can recommend u some aaaand. Then tell me what kind of animes u like, And have u ever read any manga aaand. Where have u been able to watch all animes, u bought them? aaand tell me more about U !!!! =^.^=