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This is more of a note to myself. So. Don't take time reading it, it's would be meaningless to you.


All time bests:

Busou Renkin


FullMetal alchemist&Brotherhood+++



Irresponsible Captain Tylor

Origin: Spirits of the past[Movie]

Pandora Hearts+++

Rurouni Kenshin[All]

Sousei No Aquarion



Black Lagoon1&2


Fate/Stay night

Kaze no Stigma

Vampire Knight1&2

Zero No Tsukaima1&2&3

Did not liked:

Bokura ga ita { For the horrible ending&romance, ew.

Bleh, didn't, get to me? Didn't hate. Didn't love. Bleh is the word:


Samurai Deeper Kyo

Samurai Champloo

Life on anime

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44 total

What?! No manga ratings?

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SHINO Oct 25, 2007

Cool, you can find awesome anime there! Enjoy! =)

SHINO Oct 22, 2007

Yeah, you can watch them on Tv, on youtube or download from fansub websites if they are not licensed. Anyways, you can always buy the dvds if you really like'em.

SHINO Oct 22, 2007

Thanks! It's not that much, but... I try to choose the best anime out there before I start to watch it. Hope I can recommend you some good stuff so you can do the same. =)

BlackNeko Oct 21, 2007

I'm sry that there is so many words wrong, I had to wrote that letter in hurry. :DD some words like haooy = happy soiler =  spoiler XD went wrong but hes = shes

u can survive with it right?

BlackNeko Oct 21, 2007


Thats nice. Then u have to answer me when u have a time (: I was haooy cuz u had wroten me so long letter. ^^ So dont say sry. Who I would be..ha? umm.. thats hard. I think that I would like to be Kazuki from Get Backers. I know that hes a boy, but he looks so much a girl that I dont mind x) or then I would want to be Mokkun/Guren from Shounen onmyouji, Hes man too but hes awsome x) or TimeWitch from xxxHolic hes woman :D Theres too many but those are top 3 to me. What kind of anime? umm..mostly I watch action, romantic and funny series but I do like watch some series where is blood and horror hellsing. I hate watch too funny eps. where there is only some funny guy doing somethin funny. And too much blood and horror..I dont like that too. What about u, who would u be? or What kind og anime do u like to watch? Here is morning now and I gtg school soon. There is cold outside and I wouldnt want to go. =D I'm busy with Get Backers, I started watch it week ago and I have fallen for it. =DD it awsome! ^^ And I do like watch anime where is something magical in it too! And I dont mind that u did soiler me thet ending. I'm dont have started that anime yet, so I will forget that, but its true that someone can c what we write so. (: I'm hoping that u would tell me what was ur first anime u watched too? =DD answer me when u have a time. =^.^=