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about me

This is more of a note to myself. So. Don't take time reading it, it's would be meaningless to you.


All time bests:

Busou Renkin


FullMetal alchemist&Brotherhood+++



Irresponsible Captain Tylor

Origin: Spirits of the past[Movie]

Pandora Hearts+++

Rurouni Kenshin[All]

Sousei No Aquarion



Black Lagoon1&2


Fate/Stay night

Kaze no Stigma

Vampire Knight1&2

Zero No Tsukaima1&2&3

Did not liked:

Bokura ga ita { For the horrible ending&romance, ew.

Bleh, didn't, get to me? Didn't hate. Didn't love. Bleh is the word:


Samurai Deeper Kyo

Samurai Champloo

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October 13, 2007

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July 2, 2011

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Hollowichigo00 avatar Hollowichigo00


Jan 12, 2008

heyo, just adding ya from the chat. like your top 5, some good shows in there ^.^

fireflysnow avatar fireflysnow


Jan 6, 2008

ok, i willl try to get chatzilla, been sick so yea.

am like half deaf =(

i really love ur site!!!!! !! <3 i know its going to be poplular soon

fireflysnow avatar fireflysnow


Dec 14, 2007

just trying not to fall in love lol, how come u dont want to go to the ball with the boy of ur dreams ^_^   i might go idont know.

and i keeep losing my eyeliner..

fireflysnow avatar fireflysnow


Dec 9, 2007

awesome! sounds like u had alot of un ^__^

i hope Shonda isnt mad either.

my weekend was great! i caught up on some anime i havent seen in a while. but i didnt get to go to my friend's party or hang out with my crush >.< T_T

i might hav gotten written up and thats about it lol

fireflysnow avatar fireflysnow

You Rock!

Dec 8, 2007

thanks, it looks like a pretty cool site.

how is ur weekend coming along?

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