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This is more of a note to myself. So. Don't take time reading it, it's would be meaningless to you.


All time bests:

Busou Renkin


FullMetal alchemist&Brotherhood+++



Irresponsible Captain Tylor

Origin: Spirits of the past[Movie]

Pandora Hearts+++

Rurouni Kenshin[All]

Sousei No Aquarion



Black Lagoon1&2


Fate/Stay night

Kaze no Stigma

Vampire Knight1&2

Zero No Tsukaima1&2&3

Did not liked:

Bokura ga ita { For the horrible ending&romance, ew.

Bleh, didn't, get to me? Didn't hate. Didn't love. Bleh is the word:


Samurai Deeper Kyo

Samurai Champloo

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Anime ratings

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44 total

What?! No manga ratings?

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I adore these characters


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TheVampireLastat Feb 12, 2008

yeah i use crunchy and veoh. i have not updated this pro in a while lol. i have watched about 30 shows on veoh and crunchy ^_^I will try that site you told me

TheGiftedMonkey Feb 10, 2008

Whatcha up to kid? =P

celaeno Jan 23, 2008

hewwo sas... windy here! read ur profile and it's quite interestin.

catch u later in the chat!

TrueWolf18 Jan 22, 2008

kewl but the one thing is diffrent is i eat meat and i will barley be on anime planet cuz im on this new website crunchyroll u should join it i swear u will like it

OverLord01 Jan 22, 2008

Sothis made you get a sig huh!? Well thats not surprising, she demands you have a signature or her wrath will be on you!! (just kidding!)

Feel free to talk to me anytime also see you in the forums