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Princess Lover!

18 OCT

It started out as a generic harem anime, but then it evolves into a poorly plotted political drama. The villain has a flimsy reason for attacking the main character, and it just seems to be an excuse to tie up a female character with big boobs. The comedy often comes from cliches about rich people, and they aren't even that well done.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 3/10
  • Animation N/A
  • Sound N/A
  • Characters N/A
  • Overall 3/10


kio3459 avatar kio3459
Sep 9, 2011

i completely agree with you.. while watching the show it felt like middle schoolers came up with the idea and wrote this anime.  Its really terrible and I had to force myself to finish it.  I never laughed once and I can say that I didnt care for any of the characters..

I can't believe this anime has a 3.5 rating...

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