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I start watching anime back around 1997 with Slayers. I watched anime before but that is when I realized what it was. I have been a really active fan for most of that time til now. I even started and was the president of an anime club in my highschool that spread to the local library with help from friends.

The membership for the club started around 10 in highschool and when we grew in the library and allowed more non-high school members we had as many as 80+ on our best meetings. The club is still going on but I pulled back and left leadership ending my run around 8 years with the club as President. Sadly I just don't have the time due to work.

Early in my otaku days when I could scrape the money together I went crazy with DVDs(hurt me at times, ADDICT LOL!). I have a fairly HUGE anime DVD collection but I have pulled back over the last few years. I still buy a large amount of DVDs but only the really good deals. Fansubs help fill the DVD gaps and for stuff not released here.

I was all over brand new fansubs watching stuff just after it came out but recent years I have been limited to 2 or 3 series at a time when I use to watch 4-6 at a time. Sucks, but there is alot going on right now but I still make time and toss in random series when I hear about a good one.

I am in to almost everything type of anime but not as much in to mecha as I use to be for some reason. I have had my huge blocks where I get hooked on j-drama series but have to pull back from them becuase they are so addictive. Everyone few months a few live actions still find a way to slip in and hook me. Video games have steped up to fight my anime time too thanks to my PS3 but I am working that out too. The PSP I have has been a HUGE help watching anime on the go and at work over the years. I LOVE THE BIG SCREEN!

Now me stuff... I live here in Chesapeake, VA. I like to mountain bike, hit the beach, go out with friends, relax at home, and hit up anime cons when I can. I like anime, video games(PC more then console), j-rock/pop, japanese movies(old and new), Airsoft, and more but I could go on. More on my fandom...

I use to hit up more cons but work has helped me with that. EVIL! I started cons in 2001 with Neko-con here in VA. I have attended Otakon, Nekocon, AMA, Katsucon, Anime USA, and a few sci-fi cons. I worked staff on all the local cons for about 2 or 3 years.

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