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I come from Sweden, which is located in northern Europe.

I was medliem in anime-planet because I like to watch anime and therefore have a good order of the anime I have way. Anime is one of the hobbies I have.

Some other hobbies I have is to watch movies and listen to music (almost all kinds). The kind of music I do not like is hard rock at them screaming. I think it is not music. But that's just my opinion.

The first anime I saw was the Winx Club, Yu.Gi-Oh!, Sailor Moon and Witch. The anime I think is good. my anime interest is very large. the right conditions, I have the anime are some examples that should be good quality and be well designed. I have read a manga book samlig that I have, snowdrop. The manganese loves me. You can read it many times over and no.

Winx Club



Sailor Moon


I'm glad I've got some friends in the anime-planet that I can talk to and get new examples of anime.

Hugs from Sandbecca.

Please write to me and be my friend.

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Northern Europe, Sweden

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SadisticTendencies avatar SadisticTendencies


Jul 3, 2011

Yay, another person from Sweden. Well I just wanted to say that your avatar is amazing! It's Mariko from Elfen Lied, right?^^

XxSamiiexX avatar XxSamiiexX

Thanks! ^_^

May 23, 2011

hi sandbecca :)

thanks so much! same with you, i like your profile.

we'll at the moment australia's had some REALLLLLY cold weather, so cold that its unbareable! today's highest temprature was 11 degrees celcius, rediculous right?

how about you? how's sweden this time of year?

btw feel free to talk to me WHENEVER you like or when you can! i'd love to hear from you!! also feel free to call me sam :)

p.s your english is actually really good as well as very fluent :)

love always, sam



PeaceStarM avatar PeaceStarM


Apr 28, 2011

I also love them all :DD (sorry for not replying for so long ;) ) And those about vampires as well. Be free to name some if you know :)

DarkMagicianGirl avatar DarkMagicianGirl


Apr 28, 2011

heey you have made your home really nice. how do you add those pictures??



princesspink224 avatar princesspink224


Apr 27, 2011


Im terribly sorrry for the lateeeee latee reply i havent reallyy been on ina such a lonnggg time!! but glad too be back i would love to get to know yu as well... ummmm sorry to disappoint but i honestly dont know what anime my avatar is from but isnt it CUTEEE =3... Anywayss!! i love sailor moon omgg such a great anime... && my name is Aaliya but yu can call me Asumii if yu'd like... whats yur name??

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