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I come from Sweden, which is located in northern Europe.

I was medliem in anime-planet because I like to watch anime and therefore have a good order of the anime I have way. Anime is one of the hobbies I have.

Some other hobbies I have is to watch movies and listen to music (almost all kinds). The kind of music I do not like is hard rock at them screaming. I think it is not music. But that's just my opinion.

The first anime I saw was the Winx Club, Yu.Gi-Oh!, Sailor Moon and Witch. The anime I think is good. my anime interest is very large. the right conditions, I have the anime are some examples that should be good quality and be well designed. I have read a manga book samlig that I have, snowdrop. The manganese loves me. You can read it many times over and no.

Winx Club



Sailor Moon


I'm glad I've got some friends in the anime-planet that I can talk to and get new examples of anime.

Hugs from Sandbecca.

Please write to me and be my friend.

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Northern Europe, Sweden

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Tsukasa112 avatar Tsukasa112


Dec 7, 2012

Hello! Nice to meet you (:

Esper26 avatar Esper26


Dec 4, 2012

What's up?

HihioZabimaru avatar HihioZabimaru


Nov 20, 2012

Hello! Thanks for leaving a comment on my page :D My avatar is a little girl names Kusano or Kuu from an anime called Sekirei. It is a good show, but a little more mature in certain aspects. Well once again thanks for the comment, and feel free to comment on my page when ever you want.


MoeV avatar MoeV


Nov 13, 2012


Hah, thank you. Unfortunately, I cant' remember. This avatar I have very long time on computer. ._. Probably the OC from zerochan.net. Maybe... 

DarkMagicianGirl avatar DarkMagicianGirl


Oct 10, 2012


Everything is fine with me summer was fun. I have been out with friends worked a lot. . THe only bad thing is that school has started again TT. A good thing is that next week is a week holiday :D

So i can watch anime again. And i have to study for exams.

For anime i havn't found any good to. Just anime i kinda like but nog great there good for entertainment and kill some time.

I had a good one hunter x hunter but i'm already done with that 1 xD the 1999 version and the ova's an now the 2011 version.

Further all my fav anime has endend saidly good thing is that some seasons 2 has started form my old fav anime :D and a lot new anime started this week and last week.

And had you a great holiday?? ^^ hope to hear soon from you

Greetz Denise

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