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I come from Sweden, which is located in northern Europe.

I was medliem in anime-planet because I like to watch anime and therefore have a good order of the anime I have way. Anime is one of the hobbies I have.

Some other hobbies I have is to watch movies and listen to music (almost all kinds). The kind of music I do not like is hard rock at them screaming. I think it is not music. But that's just my opinion.

The first anime I saw was the Winx Club, Yu.Gi-Oh!, Sailor Moon and Witch. The anime I think is good. my anime interest is very large. the right conditions, I have the anime are some examples that should be good quality and be well designed. I have read a manga book samlig that I have, snowdrop. The manganese loves me. You can read it many times over and no.

Winx Club



Sailor Moon


I'm glad I've got some friends in the anime-planet that I can talk to and get new examples of anime.

Hugs from Sandbecca.

Please write to me and be my friend.

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DarkMagicianGirl Sep 6, 2011

heey Rebecca,

If you asked me 2 days earlier i would say everything is great. To bad summervacation is over. But today isn't really my day xD yesterday my bike is stolen... and it started to rain. Took the wrong bus. And today i have 2 hour college but i have 2 hours between them xD. But further everything is great.

I've got a new band i really love :D there music is sooooo great and anime is  a good way to spent some time to clear your head.

How ar you? Did you have a good vacation ?? and has some great thing happend to you.


a lot of huggs



SadisticTendencies Jul 13, 2011

Du går in på en specifik Anime (typ Elfen Lied) och sedan finns det en knapp som heter "add recommendations". den finns bredvid de 5 stjärnorna som du har rankat serien med. Då skriver du vilken serie du rekommenderar för folk som gillar Elfen Lied och sen skriver du varför. Om jag minns rätt måste du ha minst två anledningar, annars tas den bort.^^

SadisticTendencies Jul 7, 2011

Jadu, förhoppningsvis har ni fler Animefans där du bor^^

Där jag bor tror 50% att det är för barn, och 50% att det är porr...

SadisticTendencies Jul 5, 2011

Jag bor i Södermanland^^

SadisticTendencies Jul 3, 2011

Yay, another person from Sweden. Well I just wanted to say that your avatar is amazing! It's Mariko from Elfen Lied, right?^^