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Amagami SS


I AM NOT HAPPY! This anime gah! Spoilers galore here so you have been warned. I believe this anime was based of a gal game. So we have 3 or 4 episodes where he falls in love with a girl, something stops them from getting together, they fix it, and they get together and have happily ever after. Fine great I really liked it untill... Rihoko Sakurai. Where her ending is mabye he might fall in love with her. Now I would have been happy if that had happened and they had a 10 years later like some of the others and they had gotten together. But no the ONLY girl he doesn't get with is the girl who is "chunky" who looks just like every freaking one else. I would have been fine if she was one of a few that he just stayed best friends with but no she is the only one he doesn't get with. So this anime is saying everyone can find love, from the girl who is abusive to the crazy chick that stalks you for years but if you're fat no love for you! If it haddn't been for this part of the story I probably would have given it 4 and a 1/2 stars but it has now been knocked down to two because of this.

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Amagami SS user review by sammyrick

Amagami SS

overall score: 2/10

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halcon avatar halcon
Feb 21, 2014

you should watch the second season as it compleates rihokos story and cover a bit more into the relationships with the other girls affter they start dating. here a link to it http://www.anime44.com/category/amagami-ss-plus

Pakuda avatar Pakuda
Aug 28, 2013

This review :)

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