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Ouran was something I started watching because I wanted something that was different. Something that my mom might not like necessarily. In fact I thought she would hate it (she is not into pink and cutie stuff). One day watching ouran (for the second time). Mom wandered into the room and like I predicted she wasn't impressed BUT later that night she had nothing else to watch while she does whatever she does after the kiddes go to bed she watched this from the begininng... and loved it. :D She then converted her best friend (she and two guys from her college love this). My anit anime father even liked it. :P Even though he thought it was very strange. I loved everything about this anime. I still watch this (for like the 6th or 7th time) when I'm working around the house.

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10/10 overall
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sammyrick Jun 8, 2013

:D That is ok :P

Meagan Jun 3, 2013

Yes, I loved this anime!  I now blame you for my new habit!! :-D