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I am very very new to anime, like found it last year new (Fall and Winter of 2012). My mother and I were desperatly trying to find something to watch on hulu. We came across soul eater, and black butler and we were hooked! Sometimes we even get my father to watch it! (Now he watches it nonstop) :D 

I would like to find new friends who also like anime, where i'm at not many people like anything other than farming or sports -_-. This is what happens when you live in a place that the goverment considers a village. I am a teenager but I'm not going to tell you my age, that is right you creepers you can't get my age!

I like playing World of Warcraft and Magic the Gathering. I love reading and instead of stalking facebook I stalk Goodreads. I am a short, white female who loves music. I do not like loud noises or loud people, I do not like large crowds or driving with others all around me. I can not for the life of me speak Spanish or any other language other than Engish. I hope that later in life I will be able to speak a little Japanese.

I would love to learn irish dancing and sword fighting. I would also like to write and publish a book one day. I think is would be really awesome to LARP but I have no idea where to begin. So that is all about me... still want to be friends? :)

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Meagan says...

Hi there! :-D 

Jun 3, 2013