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I haven't updated this is months so i think its time for a update. lately i havent watched much anime. ive been busy with video games. i got a 360 for christmas and ive been playing nonstop. bleach is really annoying me right now. i hate the bount arc. and vampire knight manga has me completely lost >.< btw, i just found this band called the morning benders, and theyre really good, so go check them out.

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Myrah Dec 29, 2008

I gave Naruto a shot, (watched about the first 20 eps or so), but the story arcs moved sooooooo slowly. That's why I dropped it. I hear that it is stuck in a filler rut now or something. Ninjas aren't really my gig anyway, (only ninja I ever liked was Kurogane... and Dr. McNinja).

I watched the first season of JR sometime ago, and all I really remeber about it was that I liked it, LOL. I hear the second season is running now, so sometime soon I'll probably go back and watch season one again to catch up before moving on to two. I recall liking the first couple they showed the best though, probably because one of them was an author. I love writers in fiction, always have.


Myrah Dec 29, 2008

Yeah, FMA is kind of hard for pairings. (Maybe because it is just so heavy in friendship and comradeship that there is no room left for romance? I don't know.) If you call Parental!Roy/Ed a pairing, that's my FMA fave. Don't really dig regular Roy/Ed. A fic called "Mirroworld" also turned me to Ed/Alfons Heiderich- it was/is that good. (Never before has a single fanfic changed my opinion on a pairing.)

I've never read Bleach fanfiction because I'm not particularily a fan of it. I would probably like it if I could manage to get through it all, but it is just too long for me. Same with Naruto. I've vowed to never again read anything exceeding 30 volumes or watch anything over 100 episodes. Just too long, and I'd never have the time to finish it.

No, no gaia account for me. The only accounts I use on a daily basis are my account and my Facebook. And email. I check yahoo religiously.



Myrah Dec 29, 2008

Yeah, Matsuda is hard to pair. Loveless faves? Well, I'm gonna be original and say Soubi and Ritsuka, LOL. Deliciously canon and adorable. I don't read nearly as much Loveless fanfiction as I do others, (cough Tsubasa cough cough Harry Potter), so they're the only pairing I've ever read. (Besides side pairings...) I really love Kio as a character, but I've never really liked him in any pairings... Yayoi and Kio has always baffled me, and Kio will just never get Soubi either. Poor Kio.

What FMA pairings do you like?

Myrah Dec 29, 2008

Oooooh... tough decision. There's just so many slash possiblities in DN, (sadly, part of the reason why I love it so much.) I'm gonna have to give two faves: L and Light, and Matt and Mello. My least favorite pairing is much easier to decide: anything with Near. That kid was destined to die a bachelor, in my opinion. Some characters are just unpairable in my mind.

tacotoni Jun 18, 2008

lmao! i read the question for spam, it said, "Is anime something you watch or eat?" for some reason, my answer was "no". awesome answer right? woo! anywho...hi.