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I've yet to decipher which series I like the most. Since my mood pretty much decides which genre I prefer at any given time.

Whilst I'd like to call myself a rookie when it comes to anime I suppose that I have seen quite a bit but I hope that there are still much more out there to experience and that new and powerful experiences are being developed as I am writing this.

The first anime I saw, not counting the dubbed ones seen as a kid on the local television, is Dragonball (dubbed). Whilst dubbed it still got me interested in the odd nature, compared to danish (western) television, and splendid humor. There seems to be an anime for each set of personality trait a person can have. Wether you are kind or 'not-so-kind' at heart. Wether you like romance or action, sports or bread baking.

Whilst I doubt that I will loose interest in the anime community any time soon I still think the increasing anime sifting through my memory will make it harder and harder to find good entertainment. I'm sure people on this site have or will experience as their own expectations get higher and higher as their own experience level grows. Whilst the anime community is obviously also growing, us that are watching anime way too much, as of late, will obviously grow at a much faster rate and perhaps the hunger for more and interesting anime will at some point be diminished.

I am but a rookie in this community and hope that you will correct me if my thoughts are in any way wrong compared to your understanding of what is out there. Should you have a series that I have yet to experience that you think I'd like then I hope you will give me a shout.

I have almost no limits as to the topic/genre just as long as the main story, unless the humor in the show is exceptional, isn't sub-par. I've watched and enjoyed both Action, Sports, Romance and much more. So I think I'm pretty much up for most series out there. Although I said that I dislike sub-par storylines I have watched more than a few of those and enjoyed them. But seeing as I've also seen amazing series afterwards I'm unsure wether I can watch my way through a sub-par story again.

If anyone managed to read through all this, I sincerely salute you!

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What?! No manga ratings?

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wolfangel87 Jul 13, 2009

Haven't heard from you in a while!!!  How have you been?

wolfangel87 Dec 5, 2007

I was just wondering!  If you ever get around to watching it tell me how you like it!  

wolfangel87 Nov 27, 2007

Hey!  Hows it going?

Yay!!!!  How are you liking Ayashi no Ceres??????