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Ohayo minna-san~ Basically I'm just a fellow otaku :) I usually watch and read shoujo types so I guess you could say that it is my fav genre but honestly, I'll watch anything good. Canadian but proud to be pinoy! :D

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BlackRoseLove4 Apr 28, 2013

It's cool.

I've seen Vampire Knight. I havent seen the other two. What kind of stuff have you heard about them?

BlackRoseLove4 Apr 21, 2013

Well, I've never been good at picking favorites. But here are some of the ones I do like;

Angel Beats, Darker Than Black, Inuyasha, K, Kaze no Stigma, Kuroko's Basketball, and Mushishi.

As for reccomends (trying to base it off of what you told me);

Angel Beats is pretty awesome, the art style is really amazing too. There's fighting, a little romance, funny, but it's also really sad at the end. My friend cried.

If you like more action type, you'd also like Darker than Black (probably). It has a really dark theme to it though. 

K Is the same way. It is really amazing though. If I had to pick a favorite, K would be pretty much my favorite. From the art style, to the plot, to the whole idea. My avatar is a character from K. It has a lot of action. 

I am bad at describing them (sorry). I'm also totally biased. Though I do think you would possibly like these animes based on what you have told me so far. Not sure about darker than black though, cause it has a pretty dark theme the entire way through, unless you do really like that.

Have any you think would be worth my time to watch?

BlackRoseLove4 Apr 20, 2013

Nah, it's cool.

I don't really care much otherwise. If there is good art I would probably watch it even if it is a bad story (I have an art obsession). I pretty much watch anything.

I do like more action related things though. I also like fantasy ones. Escaping reality is fun, so that is why fantasy is awesome.

What's your favorite anime so far

BlackRoseLove4 Apr 15, 2013

No problem. What is your favorite types of anime/manga?

BlackRoseLove4 Apr 6, 2013

Wanted to say welcome to Anime-Planet! Hope you enjoy your time!